Lexham Bible Guides: Paul’s Letters Collection

Act now and you’ll get all 13 volumes of Lexham Bible Guides: Paul’s Letters Collection for over 20% off the regular price.

As Christians, we must grasp the exegetical and theological issues of Paul’s letters to powerfully and persuasively teach the New Testament. If only you had the time you need to get to know these 13 books inside and out, to be aware of all the issues, and to understand Paul’s writings, individually and collectively. Thanks to the Lexham Bible Guides: Paul’s Letters Collection, you do have time—because we’ve done all the research for you.

Among the apostles, Paul and his dramatic conversion reveal God’s redemptive work at its most dramatic. God worked both in and through Paul, to transform him and to spread the Gospel. Paul not only risked his life to establish churches throughout the ancient world, he was also used by God to author much of what would become the New Testament. From the road to Damascus to a Roman prison and every missionary journey in between, the Lexham Bible Guides: Paul’s Letters Collection empowers you to interpret some of the most theologically crucial chapters of the Bible. Each volume immerses you so completely in the Scripture that even familiar passages disclose new lessons and applications. For complex issues—and there are more than we can count in Paul’s letters—we’ll guide you through and provide links to additional resources in your Logos library.

The Lexham Bible Guides direct you to the best commentaries for the subject you’re researching. The Paul’s Letters Collection offers a complete introduction to each literary unit of each book, helping you hone in on more thorough research in a fraction of the time you usually spend searching commentaries and other resources. They provide an overview of each passage’s structure, its place within the book and the canon, major issues within the passage, key word studies, and applications to help you present this depth of research in a way that’s relevant for your faith community—including customizable slides to use in your presentations.

Each volume provides you with the tools you need to find answers quickly. The collection summarizes content from resources throughout your Logos library and organizes it in an easy-to-follow format, guiding you deeper in your study of Paul’s letters:

When you order the Lexham Bible Guide: Paul’s Letters Collection, Lexham Bible Guide: Ephesians will automatically download once orders are processed. The remaining volumes will download automatically as they are released. You’ll benefit from this collection now and for years to come.


  1. Robert Oster says

    Logos, you’ve managed to confuse me yet again. The blurb tells me this package is 44% off; but on going to the order page I’m offered 21% discount. Huh?

    Which is it? 44 or 21…….

    • Robert, you’re getting 44% off the “print” value they have listed. Only 21% off what looks to become their “regular” digital price.

      • Clint Scott says

        Brian if that is the case it is misleading. On the page it states the regular and therefore I assume retail price is $534.95 if 44% is taken away from that the price should be $299.57 and not $419.95.

        I really think Logos need to come out with a comment to rectify this. I have personally have ordered the pre-pub with the understanding that this is an error on their part and they will honour the 44% discount as published.

        • Jayson Bradley says


          Thanks for the comment. As John has stated, the 44% is off the retail price of the collection and not the regular price of the collection. For confusion’s sake, we changed the blog post to represent the discount off the regular price. Hope this helps.

  2. Our apologies for the confusion. The 44% discount is off the print equivalent price (retail). The collection is discounted 21% from the regular price on Logos.com (the price after we process the pre-publication orders).

  3. Mike McLeod says

    I ordered the Lexham Bible Guide to Ephesians, but on getting it I cannot access all the information provided. Some links say I do not have a license to see that information. It seems that if I do not have the referenced book in my collection, I cannot use the link. I am locked out of a lot of the helpful suggested links. There was no mention that I need other book purchases to make the Guide fully usable. This does not seem right to me considering the high price I paid for the Guide, if I cannot totally use it without buying others books. Please explain.

    • Mike, sorry for any confusion. Lexham Bible Guides curate content from the Logos library–this includes a full range of content, some of which you likely own and some of which you don’t. When you own the content, the link is live; when you don’t, the book is locked. The resource is optimized when you own the majority of what is linked to, but is still set up to be helpful when you don’t. Even when you don’t own content linked to, the guide still briefly summarizes the major viewpoints from the resource and still provides prose explanations of the major issues at stake.

      I think this is clear from the screenshots, which label the links with what resources they’re from. The product copy also specifically mentions the “Logos library” in general.

      If you have any further concerns, feel free to email me directly at john@logos.com.