Logos 4: Link to Images from Notes

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

Several Logos users have recently asked me how to place images in the content area of a Note file. Currently, we can only type, copy–paste, or drag–drop text into the content section. We can, however, create a hyperlink to an image. Here’s how:

  • Choose File | Notes.
  • Name the untitled Notes document. (A)
  • Click Full in the upper-right corner of the document (B) so that you can see both the title and content of the note.
  • Click Add note (C) on the document’s toolbar.
  • Name the Note. (D)
  • Open a Logos resource to a page containing an image. (For example, type 1000 Bible Images in the Command box (E), and press the Enter key to open this book.)
  • Choose the panel menu (F) on the resource.
  • Click Copy location as: URL. (G) (Make sure to click URL.)
  • Close this resource. (H)
  • Click in the content box of the Note. (I)
  • Type some text in the content box, such as click here for a great picture. (J)

Insert Hyperlinks Example

  • Select (highlight) the text you just typed. (A)
  • Click the Hyperlink (chain links) icon (B) on the Note file’s formatting bar.
  • Execute a paste inside the address box (C) that appears underneath the icon. (This paste places the location of the image in the box.)
  • Press the Enter key to close the box.

Insert Hyperlinks Example 2

  • Click the new hyperlinked text (A) in the contentarea to jump to the image:
    • Windows: use Ctrl + click to follow the link.
    • Mac: use Cmd + click to follow the link.

Insert Hyperlinks Example 3

Even though the image is not directly in the Note file, it is just a click away!


  1. This is almost useless, as it only allows linking to an image already in L4. The real need is to embed (or at least link to) images from outside resources, particularly images that we have edited ourselves.

    This is a real weak spot in the otherwise powerful and extensive L4 software.

    • You can link images from an outside source. The only difference is that you have to copy the address from a image (which is a URL) and paste just like the example.

  2. Dominick Sela says

    Not useless at all! It’s not that hard to do, if you want to get an image into Logos, embed it in a Word .docx file, Build it as a Personal book, open the resource, and then use Morris’ technique with the image(s) in the book. Works perfectly, and you can organize this by having the images related to a resource/author/topic, or just keep adding into a Word file any images you want to capture.

  3. Owen Morgan says

    Thanks for a helpful tip, but is there any way of including images in a book built using the Personal Book Builder? If you have something as simple as a genealogical chart, the names get carried through, but not the lines that join them up! That’s a real frustration. And if you have a map in the document, that just gets omitted. or am I missing something?