Black Friday: You Choose the Deals!

Logos has a history of coming up with interesting Black Friday sales. This year, we’re going to top them all. We’re putting you in charge with the Logos Black Friday Like-athon.

It’s simple—to save up to 50% on your favorite Logos products, just Like them, and have your friends do the same! Together, you’ll decide which products we mark down, and for every 1,500 Likes racked up across, we’ll drop those products’ prices by 10%.

Do you love the Nelson Bible Reference Bundle? Is owning the Anchor Yale Bible a dream that a large discount would make possible? Has the Abraham curriculum brought your church closer together? Just Like every product that you’ve enjoyed (or that you want to see discounted), and encourage others to do so, too—your family, your friends, your online social networks, everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Visit now and start Liking your favorite books and resources!

P. S. If you love Logos, don’t forget to become a fan on our Facebook page.

*Base packages, Pre-Pub products, and Community Pricing resources will not be included in this sale. Discounts will vary based on publisher agreements.


  1. Smithereens says

    So I may be missing something But it’s not immediately clear how the products to be discounted will be selected… Just how much the selected products will be discounted. Can you elaborate?

    • Hi Smithereens!

      We want to make sure that the products that we put on sale for Black Friday are the products that you really want. To ensure this, we are asking everyone to Like the products they would like to see on sale. We documented the number of Likes on all of our product pages yesterday. At the end of the sale (Nov. 19) we will tally all of the Likes and make note of the most Liked products. We will discount those products 10% for every 1,500 Likes that we get across

      As an example, if at the end of the sale, we have 1,500 Likes across, the most Liked products will be discounted 10%. If we have 3,000 Likes, then the discount will be 20%. If we reach 4,500 Likes, the discount will total 30%, and so on all the way up to 50%!

      So help us pick the best products to put on sale for Black Friday by Liking them!


      • Sorry Amanda, but I am not seeing a “like” option anywhere. I see “tweet” but “like” is nowhere on the page.

      • I was trying to like the NIV Application Commentary. Is it one of the options?

  2. If I like scolars for example can I get it @ 50% off?

    • Hi Bura,

      There are a few exclusions to this sale, and base packages such as Scholar’s, Platinum, Portfolio, etc., are among the few exclusions.

      Fortunately, there are thousands of other resources! If you click the Product navigation tab at the top of the page (it’s sandwiched between Home and Support) you can begin your search for products you would like to see featured in Logos’ Black Friday sale. Browse by topic, author, genre, or narrow your search to only collections or staff picks.

      Don’t hesitate to let us know what you like!


      • So in other words, if I’m considering purchasing a package base-deal before Thanksgiving (e.g., Gold), go ahead and do it?

        • I’m sorry Hans, I have adjusted my wording above so that is more precise. Base packages, pre-pub products, and community pricing products are not going to be included in this sale. The good news is, this still leaves thousands of other products to choose from! I hope you find a few that you Like!

  3. This really makes no sense. You are asking us to ‘like’ something we don’t own. That’s unethical.

    Why would we want something to go on sale that we already own? Therefore, we are ‘voting’ for our choice of sale items by ‘liking’ something we don’t know if we really like or not.

    • Hi Doc B,

      I understand your concern, and we did not intend to encourage unethical behavior. Please think of it, instead, as the Like button representing a means of telling us what you would “like” to own. No one puts items in a wish list that they don’t “like.” Perhaps you are familiar with a friend’s copy, own a print copy yourself, or have part of a collection but not the entire collection. There are many reasons why a person may like something they don’t own.

      As far as Liking what you already own, it is a recommendation. If you enjoy the product, I’m betting that others would as well! Give them a chance to acquire it at a discount, and increase the number of Likes across at the same time. In the end, this will result in a higher discount for everyone, including you!

      Thank you for voicing your concerns and giving us a chance to clarify our intentions.


    • Gary Dearing says

      No, that is not right Doc B. It is not “unethical” Many of us have books or collections that we know we want and maybe cannot afford at regular price. By “liking” it for this purpose (and hopefully many others) the price will come down and maybe be affordable for more people. My example is that I really want the Anchor Yale Dictionary collection, Alas, it is too expensive for me, hopefully the price will come down enough that I can afford it.

  4. mark a. fischer says

    so how do you like something if you aren’t on facebook? I’m not & don’t plan on joining.

    • it’s simple. i like things that aren’t on facebook all the time, like the bar of toblerone i wish i had in my hand at the moment. just close your eyes and feel a warm fuzzy puffball in your heart for the object of your affection and *poof*, you’ve liked it.

  5. Layne Wallace says

    When will we know what is going on sale? I’m excited.

    • Hi Layne,

      The Black Friday Sale will launch on the 21st! Look out for the next blog post about Black Friday—we will be including an email sign-up that will ensure that you know the moment we launch the sale. Have you had a chance to Like all of your favorite products?

  6. mark a. fischer says

    Amanda, still waiting on a serious answer to my question above??????????? Is there a way to like a product without being a member of facebook? I’d appreciate an answer.

    • Hi Mark,

      Unfortunately, you must have a facebook to Like the products. However, although it is not a part of the Like-athon, I suggest that you add books that you would love to have to your wish list! Navigate to your favorite products and beneath the “Quick Buy” button there is an orange textlink “Add to wish list.” Logos keeps an eye on wish lists as well!

  7. Rosie Perera says

    How do you determine what the “most Liked” products are. Is there a certain threshold of “likes” that they must get to be considered? Or are you going to take the top N resources that had any “likes” at all? If the latter, will N be a fixed number, or will it depend on how many total “likes” there were? For example, if 7500 likes were distributed among 500 books, would you give a 50% discount on all of them or only the most liked among them?

  8. So I have to use facebook to participate?

  9. Not real fair, considering I’m one among the many in the US who either don’t have a Facebook or de-linked from it because of all the negative influences.

    • Jayson Bradley says

      Thanks for the comment Kurt. I can appreciate your desire to opt out of Facebook, but you don’t need to be on Facebook to take advantage of our Black Friday deals. Tune in Friday to see the discounts we have available. Enjoy your week!