Win an iPad and a Base Package from the Glorious Ruin Tour!

The Glorious Ruin Tour, featuring Tullian Tchividjian, kicks off September 20 in Fort Worth, Texas. Glorious Ruin, Tchividjian’s latest book, looks into the gloriously counterintuitive truth of a God who suffers with you and for you.

Glorious Ruin is now available for pre-order on

“Why then do we suffer? Why does God allow so much of it? What, if anything, are we supposed to learn through it? And, most importantly, when will it end? Nothing forces us to confront the deeper questions of life quite like suffering. Nothing makes us face the gnawing emptiness inside more nakedly. Nothing confirms our suspicion more powerfully that this is not how things are supposed to be.” —Tullian Tchividjian

Thanks to Logos’ ecosystem of related resources, Glorious Ruin will connect to relevant titles in your digital library, deepening its themes and references. You’ll read it on the go with the Logos, Vyrso, or Faithlife mobile app. And as always, you’ll be able to read on the web with

To pre-order Glorious Ruin, visit today!

To mark Glorious Ruin’s launch, Logos has teamed up with David C. Cook to bring you an awesome chance to win a copy. If chosen, you’ll also win a brand-new third-generation iPad equipped with a Logos Silver Library! This giveaway will run through the last date of the 2012 leg of the Glorious Ruin Tour, November 8. The winner will be announced Monday, November 12.


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  1. I tried to enter the giveaway via e-mail, but my entry was not accepted. The website is not working properly.

  2. This would be a very sweet prize to win!

  3. David Kelly says

    Looking forward to it.

  4. Kelli Oliver says

    I’d love to win an iPad! Couldn’t afford one otherwise!

  5. Kelli Oliver says

    Is this how you enter?? By leaving 3 comments? I may be confused!

    • Nathan Smoyer says

      @Kelli – Simply click on the widget above to enter via your Facebook login or by using an email address.

      I hope that helps. Have a great day!

  6. what if I already have a platinum package – do I get an upgrade instead of the scholar´s library? would be nice!

  7. John K Thiessen says

    Really love Logos and having an IPAD with the base package would be great. Then I could take it with me everywhere when I travel.

  8. Who doesn’t like ‘free’? Yes, this would be a blessing!

  9. I sure wish there was some way to know for sure if you were entered.

  10. Just what I need. Can’t wait…

  11. The I pad would be a blessing but I think the book even more so

  12. I use Logos on my iPhone and it is fantastic. Obviously, having it in iPad format would be far more convenient…

  13. The book sounds fascinating. God suffers now? He empathizes for sure because of his great love. But I want to ask, “how does that work in the real world with commands to spread the gospel of the kIngdom by praying Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven?” Do we believe God to act above and beyond all we think or do settle on what living gives us? Hope the book addresses these questions

  14. that would be great

  15. Patrick Janson says

    I would love to win an iPad for my ministry. It is getting to a point that a new iPad or a tablet of some kind would help streamline certain aspects of my student ministry.

  16. Eddie Andrews says

    Great resources you are providing.

  17. kenneth Benware III says

    looking forward to it

  18. Mike Shrubsole says

    It just keeps on saying ‘loading the giveaway’. Doesn’t it work on Google Chrome?

  19. Nicholas Sterner says

    I never win these things, but it’s worth a shot. I’ve wanted an ipad ever since they came out.

    I’m wondering the same thing as Philip. I have a platinum package already. Can I upgrade to portfolio if I win?

  20. Nicholas Sterner says

    By the way… I can’t get the widget above to work. I fill out all the information and click the button, but nothing happens. The box just sits there with all of my information still in it.

  21. Would be an awesome package to win!

  22. Michael Roca-Terry says

    Hi, I live in the UK. Can I enter the competition? The rules seem vague at best about non US residents. :-)

  23. Would love to win this!

  24. Mimi Rodriguez-Thompson says

    I went to the Faithlife Women’s and was blown away by your demo! I am a Christian Ministry major and can’t afford it right now, but if I could, I would give everyone the gift of Logos!

  25. Patsy Dufour says

    Winning would be nice!

  26. It would be great to win either prize as a valuable tool during and after college.

  27. Harvey Jenkins says

    I guess this is for formal entry!

  28. Site appears to be stuck loading so I’ve left this comment like the others have.

  29. Rebekah Wade says

    I would love an IPad!!! Please!!!!!!

  30. Whether on the desktop, ipad or iphone, Logos is a great tool full of awesome resources.

  31. Emmanuel Adu Quaye says

    God words give life, and Jesus Christ is your savior of the world, in this sinful world we should spread the Gospel in the sinful world.
    Hoping the ipad we help by carry it every where.

  32. Randy Stephenson says

    Oh, I hope this IPad with Logos finds its way to my hands.

  33. Taking a flyer.

  34. Fantastic software!

  35. Michael Wiliams says

    My entry is so late in the game. It would be nice to win. I’ve got a question for one and all.
    Does my entrance into this thing. Does is it in anyway shape, form or fashion an image of “gambling”. This was a question posed to me. As I began to think about it… I decided to ask everyone here.

  36. Christian Orpinell says

    Wow I think this is a read I’m going to be able to relate and learn from. I think I need to get this book, and see what God has been doing through much of what I’ve been going through; sometimes it does actually seem never ending. — However I know also; that it’s the case…

  37. I would like to enter the contest for the ipad. The book I would love to add my library. Thank you.

  38. Would love to win an ipad and the book. Thank you.

  39. Free stuff!

  40. heard about the book during Liberty University’s convocation on Monday. book sounds intriguing and would love to win!

  41. I would love to win an iPad for my Bussiness….. Looking forward to it

  42. All of us would love to win.

  43. Both will complement my journey with God. Would be blessed to win them.

  44. Would love reading the bible on an iPad!

  45. Ray Chotkowski says

    Please enter me into the ipad, logos scholar package giveaway. Thanks.

  46. Good software Logos please updated me. Thanks

  47. michael mullenax says

    bible study may just get a whole lot easier.

  48. LaVerne Ombadykow says

    Would love to win the book and the I Pad

  49. I like Logos sofware..

  50. Richard Cooke says

    This might be God’s answer to my prayers!

  51. Joseph Haden says

    To win or not to win, that is the question. I hope the answer is to win!

  52. Mary Lue Lane says

    I am new at logos, but believe it will be very beneficial to me.

  53. Mary Lue Lane says

    I am new at logos, but believe it will be very beneficial to me.

  54. luv logos. its like being able to bring my seminary professors to my study time.

    • Heh, I never win these kind of contests, but I know Logos is a great program and they are worth having since the company does its best to help the kingdom of God expand and grow mature Christians. Thank you for your blessing and may God shine his face upon you.

  55. I might have posted in the wrong place..sorry.

  56. EDWIN JACOBS says


  57. ThiS is great! I sure would love to own this!

  58. What a very useful prize to give away. Congrats to however wins!

  59. Miranda Mashala says

    yoh its always been my heart’s desire to own an ipad …oh the day I win this one i will rejoice forevermore!!!!

  60. Timothy Ryan Hobold says

    My Mom has been needing an Ipad for a really long time, my family and I just went to the Ocean City Bible Conference, where someone represented Logos Bible. It would be a HUGE blessing to my family to have the Scholar’s Library.

  61. Fredrick Noah Oduor says

    Awesome book and iPad ,wouldn’t mind to win this because it would be a milestone for me and my family ,it will help us in our bible studies .

  62. Sharlene Hazzard says

    I would like to win this for my husband we would both appreciate it very much. :)

  63. Ev. A. Hartono., MA (Youth Pastor GBI) says

    Awesome…really usefull to prepare sermon every Sunday, GOD bless us abudantly….

    In God nothing is Impossible

  64. Looks wonderful!

  65. Love this software

  66. richard journell says

    Enter me to win!

  67. Ken Weiler says

    Logos 5 looks great!

  68. Doc WhiteRaven says

    Would be great for our ministry here in Alaska…whoever wins this package will certainly be blessed.

  69. Logos is my favorite bible software.