The Faithlife Study Bible Advantage: Part 1

The Faithlife Study Bible was designed for tablets, but it’s fantastic for your desktop Bible study, too! And it’s free through March 2014.

With the FSB, we’ve reimagined what it means to center your life on Scripture. The FSB doesn’t just have the tools you need to elevate your personal study—it can revolutionize the way your faith community shares the Word together.

The Features You Need

  • Study as deeply as you want—The FSB meets you where you are. New to Bible study? Immerse yourself in the first layer of notes and get a handle on the cultural background and significant points of the passage you’re studying. Once you’re more familiar with the message, you can move on to the next layers of notes and really put the passage under the microscope.
  • Use the Bible translation you like best—Download the FSB and you get the Lexham English Bible free! But don’t think you’re tied to that translation. The FSB syncs to whatever translation you use most.
  • Customize your notes—Create notes and highlights that are unique to you with
    • 9 highlight colors
    • 15 text colors
    • More than 50 markups and symbols
  • Study wherever you are—You may do most of your study at your desk, but you don’t have to. Your study is synced and stored in the cloud. Start reading at home in the morning and continue to dig deeper on your iPhone, your Android device, or any web browser with
  • Remember more of what you learn—Connecting with information in multiple ways increases your retention dramatically. With access to tons of photos, videos, and infographics, you’ll engage the biblical text in ways that ensure you’re thinking both critically and creatively.
  • Enjoy the Lexham Bible Dictionary—With more than 1.5 million words in over 2,700 articles, the LBD gives you deep, scholarly content. And you can count on new articles and additions to existing articles developed in response to new discoveries, perspectives, and controversies.

The Study Bible That Grows with You

The Faithlife Study Bible keeps getting better. We’re continually writing new content, increasing its depth and breadth. With the FSB, you have a study Bible that’ll continue to grow with new notes, articles, maps, videos, infographics, and photos. And you can subscribe now through March 2014, absolutely free!


  1. Study wherever you are?
    Not totally true…this past weekend I pulled my ipad out to preach at a retreat center in PA. I tapped the Faithlife study bible and it wouldn’t fully open unless I signed in…never got past the sign in screen…after abt 15 mins of trying to sign in (with the right password) I gave up. Luckly I saved most of my refs in Pages.

    When the weekend was over, I sat at a coffee shop and it opened right up.

    Didn’t realize that I needed wifi available to sign in.

    That is really a downer for an app that I bragged abt to a lot of people. I had high hopes for using on the mission field.

    Would be awesome if the Logos team can figure out a way to let you use Faithlife without being online. (Not the search features but just the bibles and regular refs)

    • Jayson Bradley says


      You need to have wi-fi access for the initial sign in. Once you sign in the first the first time, the app will download your Faithlife Study Bible and you can access it anywhere. The community access will not be available without internet access, but the Bible will be.

      • Jayson,
        I appreciate the help but I have actually been using the bible for a month prior to this instance.

        I signed in initially and I have been asked to sign in on multiple occasions. (Maybe it automatically signs out when I shut down my ipad?)

        I had been using the faithlife study bible daily…but in this instance it would not let me access it without signing in.

        Right now I see the company has been playing around with the Logos bible app and the faithlife app. They are really not making it any easier for me…so many new glitches.

  2. Joshua Lieder says

    I thought it all sounded great. I got it with the free code and downloaded some infographics, Bible notes, and pictures but there wasn’t a Bible to go with it. What a shame the package doesn’t seem to contain an actual Bible.
    Its nowhere to be found in my Logos. I assumed it would be a sort of one button experience with in Logos. Nope…not true. Thanks for the great free notes and pictures though.

  3. How do you access this with Logos? I signed up. It says I have the resource available but I can’t find a link on my desktop or anything in LOGOs that has FSB or Faithlife Study Bible.


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