Bible Research Just Got a Lot Easier

Research is difficult. When you also need slides and media, and when you add the stress of preparing a sermon, class, or Bible study, it can be overwhelming. Add in your other teaching and preaching responsibilities and you may find it impossible to get things done. But let Logos be your research assistant. Our new Lexham Bible Guides meet your research and media needs without the expense of added personnel.

You’ve already heard how the Lexham Bible Guides simplify your study time. They organize all the relevant information from selected Bible passages, give you leading experts’ thoughts and opinions, provide word studies and relevant background information. They’re also fully linked with your Logos library, which saves you countless hours of searching and wading through texts.

But they provide other benefits, too. The Lexham Bible Guides let you present the fruits of your research quickly and easily. Each volume includes a title slide and slide templates, which save you the time-consuming hassle of stylizing and coordinating your presentation.

You’ll also get ready-made word study slides. These slides let you present the significance of original language words clearly and concisely. They’re brief but informative, so your audience will never be lost. They’re also stylized like the rest of your slides, so your material never appears out of sync.

The media for each volume is unique; you’re not merely recycling old material. And Logos makes it easy to incorporate these works of art into your church or classroom presentation. You can add them to your Proclaim or PowerPoint presentation with a couple clicks.

All these resources and benefits can be yours for considerably less than you’d pay a research assistant. But the Lexham Bible Guides are only available at their Pre-Pub prices until they reach the production stage. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to save hours of research and prep time for a low price!


  1. Looking at the pre-pub prices they all seem very expensive. Will they be cheaper if bought together as opposed to individual purchaes? From what I could see from the few smaple pages of Ephesians, it seems like a commentary.

    Will it be possible for you all to offer us one book for free to we can really understand how this “new” type of guide will be helpful for us? That would most likely increase our understanding of thier value and increase our desire to purchase them.

    God bless you and thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration of my suggestion.

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    Greace and Peace,
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