Advance Notice on Discontinued Platform Support

On October 26, 2012, Logos will drop support for Windows XP and OS X 10.5 “Leopard.”

Windows XP

Your existing Logos 4 installs will continue to run, but future releases of Logos Bible Software will require Windows Vista SP2 or newer.

This will not disable any XP systems, but future book releases may use new features or data types only available in newer versions of Logos, and therefore, may not be usable on Windows XP systems.

Logos 4 depends on a number of Microsoft platform components, including the .NET framework. With the October 26, 2012, release of Windows 8, Microsoft is upgrading the .NET 4 platform to .NET 4.5, which is an “in-place” install replacing .NET 4 (which we’re planning to move to for many reasons, including performance and bug fixes).

.NET 4.5 will run on Windows Vista SP2 and later versions of Windows, but specifically NOT Windows XP.

Very few Logos users remain on XP, and continuing to support XP in new releases takes development and testing resources, and makes it more difficult to use other capabilities only offered on newer versions of Windows.

OS X 10.5 “Leopard”

Your existing install will continue to run, but future releases of Logos Bible Software will require newer versions of OS X.

This will not disable your system, but future releases may use new features or data types only available in newer versions of Logos, and thus will not be usable on OS X 10.5.

We have even fewer users on OS X 10.5 than on XP. And coincidentally OS X 10.5 “Leopard” was released on October 26, 2007, meaning that it will be five years since its release and it is now three major releases out of date. Dropping 10.5 support in future releases will free up development and testing resources and allow us to do more.

Give Us Your Feedback

We’ve learned that nobody likes to get “discontinuation” news at the last minute. So this is our first advance notice, your chance to speak up if there’s a really compelling reason we should not drop either platform on October 26, 2012.

Jump over to the forums to give us your feedback:


  1. I run Logos on a XP laptop so I can study while absent from my office. Can’t afford to buy a new laptop.

  2. Ronnie Smith says:

    what will this new system cost me?

  3. Matt Robertson says:

    So thankful for this. Of course, for those who have these systems, it will be minimal of a deal, seeing as they will still have Logos.

    But for those with more powerful machines, Logos can finally let us use the added power! I am excited for things like Full-screen, the inevitable speed increase, and other general wonderful improvements once Logos 5 hits the scene!

  4. Hi – I’m really disappointed that you are dropping XP support. I’m especially annoyed that you are doing this while the Mac version of Logos is so sluggish. Logos on my approx 10-year-old XP box runs much faster than Logos on my Macbook Pro with 8Gb RAM.

    Microsoft has yet to release an operating system as good as XP. Between 30% and 45% of Windows computers are still running XP. It is far too early to be discontinuing support for XP.


  5. William Middleton says:

    Well shucks, I guess I better start to cancel out my community bids and prepare not to buy any further books. How do I turn off auto upgrading as well? I really don’t believe they are correct in saying only a handful–and yet more than a handful are not prepared to run out to purchase another program. What an investment failure this is.

  6. I bought a new Netbook only a couple of years ago with XP on the advice of a local computer store. Believe it or not the manufacturer of the netbook was installing this because of Vista’s reputation, and because the version of Windows 7 that was around for netbooks was a ‘cut-down’ one and was extremely limited and subject to crashing if too many programs were open. So, now I am going to be left with a relatively new piece of hardware which I bought for on the move and which will soon be deficient for it’s purpose.

  7. I’m still annoyed that Logos discontinued support for my abacus. Oh, and by the way, when Windows XP came out, the terrorist attacks on 9/11 were still in the future, Bush was a brand-new president, etc. A lot of water has gone under the bridge. The fact that Microsoft (and Logos) have supported XP for 11 years now (an eternity in computer chronos) is to their credit. You can only put so much new wine into 11-year-old wine skins.

  8. I have two desk tops and one netbook, all running XP, and with Logos on all three. While I can understand Logos desire to move on, I do not understand or appreciate the timing. It is common knowledge that Microsoft has had its share of both good and bad operating system upgrades. As a result, many Windows users like me have remained on XP due to its reliability. In fact, many companies have continued to keep XP on their PCs.

    While I am interested in replacing our desktop PCs sometime in 2013, I certainly do not want to do so until all of us see whether the coming Windows 8 performs properly. So, the question is why is Logos apparently rushing this change? Why not wait to see if Windows 8 turns out to be an improvement or simply one more poor Microsoft operating system that users will not migrate too?

  9. Ken Hunter says:

    Has the idea been tossed around @ Logos – to have logos run on – say Debian Linux? That platform is rock solid.
    God Bless +++

  10. Giving prior notice is a good idea. But less than two months is hardly a timely notice. At least a year is reasonable. To upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 is costly and time consuming. To do so in the middle of the year is bad timing. At least give us until summer to make the change. I have a three year old system with XP SP3. Now I have to clean out my hard drive, install the new OS and them reinstall all my programs and documents. For a teacher this is a disaster waiting to happen. We refused to have Vista pawned off on us. Now we are told to move to a new and untried system. Going to Windows 7 seems like a reasonable compromise that Microsoft will soon negate by some technical slight of hand in favor of Windows 8.

  11. John Vignol says:

    A prior notice is good but less than two months is not good. As a teacher I need my system everyday for lesson planning, class preparation, and email communication. For me to do this change at this time is impossible. A summer extension would be reasonable. But even is we upgrade it still means hours of reinstalling programs and documents, reconfiguring everything on the system and then hoping it all works again. If I upgrade to Windows 7 what guarantee do I have that Windows 8 won’t push 7 out in a couple of years. We refused to have Vista pushed down our throats. And as we all know Vista was a disaster. Give us more time to make the transition and less disruption to our professional lives.

  12. Julio Melchor says:

    When I got a computer with Windows Vista and tried to installed Compubiblia (from Logos) it didn’t work as it was not fully compatible with Vista, so when I was looking for help through the web I found out that there was a new platform available from Logos (Libronix version 3), I was so thrilled about how the new Libronix version 3 worked that I ended up buying a new package to upgrade. I now have upgraded to Logos 4 and I am very happy with it. The point is that if I hadn’t upgraded to Windows Vista I wouldn’t have taken advantage of the new features in Logos 4. Maybe this could be a way for more people discover that Logos 4 is available?

  13. U2Bheavenbound says:

    I am very happy with XP andno plans to change..this is very unfair of Logos to cut of xp users with no more further xp update support…marketing pitch pennies on the dollar vs books…well books dont need to be upgraded….total investment now made worthless with no ongoing xp support…very sad unhappy logos user at this news

  14. The changes will be fine for my laptop, but my desktop is using XP. Whatever allowances can be made to keep using Logos with updates would be great.