Logos 4: Add Websites to the Logos Shortcuts Bar

mp|seminars Tips Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

I was reminded this week that new users join the Logos family every day. And what is a “yesterday” tip for me (and perhaps for you too) is an “ah ha!” feature for a newcomer. With that in mind, I offer this oldie but goodie.

A Logos user contacted me recently, explaining that he used several websites in his Bible study and sermon preparation. Was there, he asked, an efficient way to jump from Logos to a website?

Yes, there is, and here’s how to implement it:

  • Open Logos and your web browser.
  • Arrange the Logos and the browser windows onscreen so that you can see both at once.
  • Navigate to a website.
  • Drag the website’s icon from the browser’s address bar to the Logos Shortcuts bar.
  • Repeat the above two steps for as many websites as you want.
  • Click a Logos shortcut icon to jump to that page.
  • Right click a shortcut icon and select Delete to remove it.

Websites to shortcuts bar example

Here are some suggested websites:

Remember that these shortcuts will synchronize to your other computers using Logos’ desktop version, so you only have to create them once.

What websites do you use when studying the Bible? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. I highly recommend adding a link to the Logos wikipedia site-


  2. Great tip. Threw me at first because it looks like the arrow in the diagram is indicting that you drag the web site address – which won’t work (he said, sheepishly). You have to drag the website ICON as Morris says in his post.

  3. Johanna Raymond says

    I dragged the icon to my shortcuts bar, but all I see up there is a light grey rectangle. How can I turn on the icon? The grey rectangle might be confusing if I have several up there.

    • Johanna Raymond says

      When I click on the Logos icon, the web site address comes with it and the icon still doesn’t show up on shortcuts bar except as a grey rectangle. When I click on the grey rectangle which is not always visible, it takes me to the website. That is the best I have been able to accomplish. I use an iMac. Could that be the problem?

      • Johanna Raymond says

        I have managed to change the grey rectangle to a red flag icon which is always visible on my shortcuts bar. A selection of icons came up when I right clicked on the grey rectangle. When I click on the red flag, I am brought to this website.

  4. James Gillespie says

    You can do this with program shortcuts as well! I placed my OneNote and Word shortcuts on there by dragging the shortcuts from my desktop. Now I just have to open Logos and can launch them from there. Thanks for the great tip. P.S. I also placed the Bible Search and Copy up there too.

  5. Steve Nicholson says

    I have had little success with attempting what looks so easy. On my ASUS Windows 7 notebook whenever I attempt to drag and drop a website onto my Logos toolbar it simply will not allow me to do it. My cursor turns to a circle with a bar accross it symbolising “acess denied”. Is it something to do with user access permission? What can I do to overcome this?

  6. Randy Larson says

    I have the same problem. I’m using the Mac edition on a MacBookPro.Dragging the icon does nothing.

    • Johanna Raymond says

      My last messages described a little grey rectangle on the shortcuts bar. It is not always visible, but if I pass my cursor over the area where I saw it, the little grey thing appears again and when I click on it I am taken right to the website. However, I wasn’t satisfied with that, and found when I right clicked on the grey rectangle when it appeared as I passed my cursor over the area where I saw it, I get a window with an assortment of icons and flags in various colours, and I chose to change the grey rectangle by dragging my choice of a red flag over it. Now the red flag is on my shortcuts bar and when I click on it, I am taken to this website. Hope that works for you.

      • Randy Larson says

        Thanks Johanna,

        I was able to drag a couple of Logos study Bibles to the shortcut bar but I am still unable to drag and drop a web page.

        • Johanna Raymond says

          I hope you will persevere with getting the website icons onto the shortcuts bar. The other day I successfully moved the website icon for Strong’s Concordance to my shortcuts bar. Now I don’t have to take my heavy book off my book shelf to find a verse, but can let the search happen on that website. I have many books on my shortcuts bar, but I think if I am going to add several websites, too, I’ll have to weed some of them off to make room. Maybe like me you cannot see the little grey rectangle until you pass your cursor over it. Clicking on the little grey rectangle took me right out to the website. The only problem was, I had to look for the illusive grey shadow in order to click on it. With the red flag icon taking its place, I just click on the flag to get me to this website. Hope you get the hang of it. I used Morris Proctor’s instructions as above to get the concordance website.

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