Win a Free Kindle Fire from Pastorum Live!

You can win a Kindle Fire from Pastorum Live!

Not only can you attend Pastorum Live and learn from scholars like Mark Strauss, Craig Keener, and Craig Evans, you can become better acquainted with their works via the free Logos app. The Logos Android app gives you mobile access to a selection of resources from the Logos and Vyrso libraries.

Imagine attending Pastorum Live to hear Daniel I. Block’s session, “What Pleases God? The Hebrew Key to Divine Satisfaction,” and then downloading his New American Commentary on Judges and Ruth for only $23.99—on your free Kindle Fire!

Don’t miss Logos’ special discounts for Pastorum Live! Registration costs range from $99–149, with special rates for students, faculty, and church staff. So register for Pastorum Live today!

You don’t have to attend Pastorum Live to win the free Kindle Fire! Jump over to the giveaway page and enter to win now!


  1. Hugh Mozingo says

    I have a Kindle Fire and have been a customer of Logos for several years; are there ways that I can transfer, or have access to my library so that I can read them on my KF?

    • Jayson Bradley says

      Thanks for the question. While you can’t read your Logos resources like a Kindle book, the free Logos app will give you access to most of your books on the go!