Sync Your Reading Plans with Android 1.0

The Logos Android app just released the new 1.0 version! You can go to the Google Play store and download (or update) the app now.

Sync Your Reading Plans

Yes, you read that right. Sync your reading plans from your PC or Mac to your Android phone or tablet! Take your daily readings with you—wherever you go. Get caught up on your reading in the waiting room, at the DMV, or anywhere else you have internet access.

Choose one of the reading plan templates in Logos 4 or create a custom Bible reading plan to suit your needs. You can start right away, since Logos 4 lets you set the beginning and end dates for every plan—no matter when you start.

You can follow along with daily reminders on your Logos 4 homepage or on your Android device.

Other Changes in Android 1.0

There are a number of changes in the first non-beta release of the app. We’ve improved navigation (optimized for tablets) as well as improved UI styling, synced favorites, and saved searches. You can see a complete list in the “What’s New” tab on Google Play.

A Serious App for Serious Bible Study

The Logos Android app provides you the tools for serious study on the go. With the Android app you have:

1. Bible Word Studies

  • Get a stronger understanding of a passage with original language tools.

2. Passage Guides

  • Pull up a detailed report for any verse with cross-references, commentaries, media resources, and text comparisons.

3. Free Resources

  • Access up to 67 free resources when you sign in with a Logos account.

4. Advanced Search Capabilities

  • Search your entire library for a phrase or passage.

5. Customized Reading

  • Link two panels together so you can read your Bible and commentary together—and never lose your place.

Carry a Library in Your Pocket

Combine the free Logos Android app with a Logos base package and enjoy access to an expansive Bible study library—wherever you happen to be. Already have a base package? Grow your mobile library with nearly 20,000 Bibles, commentaries, reference guides, Christian living books, and more—all available from Logos and Vyrso.

You can get more information about the Logos app on our Android page.

Download the app today!


  1. Okay, so I long ago started to accept that we speak two remotely different and unconnected languages so would someone kindly explain what a DMV is please?

    Do I take it that this would work on an Android tablet too as I rather prefer the idea of Android to Apple? – Don’t ask, there is a number of reasons. (There are(?) a number of reasons? Oh well, who cares?

    • DMV = Department of Motor Vehicles – A place where even the simplest of transactions can take hours of your life. The upside is that you have a captive group to witness to :-)

    • Erwin S. Sr. says

      DMV = Division of Motor Vehicle

  2. When will this be available on Kindle Fire?

  3. Joseph Greer says

    Looks great. Been getting better with each update. I’m looking forward to highlighting and note-taking capability for Android. Any chance?

  4. Thank you for the explanation fellers. Do I take it that your public authorities are as obtuse as ours or, even worse, the French?

    Tami, your request seems pretty logical though I have to confess that I have yet to see a ‘Fire’ this side of the Pond. Is it true that there is a new and superior Kindle due this year? Hopefully one that will take a flash drive or memory card!!!

  5. is there any translation available for Indonesian reader? let me know please..