Logos 4: Locate Greek Words in an English Bible

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars and provides many training materials.

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One of the many powerful aspects of Logos is its ability to take us English students back to the original languages of the Bible, even though we may not be language scholars. Logos accomplishes this through the reverse interlinear option. Many of the questions I receive are related to the reverse interlinear, such as this one a Logos user recently sent:

How do I search for 2 Greek words within proximity of each other?  For example:
grace WITHIN 5 words righteousness (grace and righteousness in original languages)

I answered a similar question a few months ago in a blog, but since this is a common question I’ll address it again from a slightly different angle.

  • Open an English Bible (containing the reverse interlinear) to a passage, such as Colossians 1:2, containing the first word you want to locate. (1)
  • Right click on a word such as grace . (2)
  • Select Lemma | Search this resource. (3)(4)
  • Take the Bible to a passage, such as Matthew 3:15, containing your second word.
  • Right click on your word such as righteousness.
  • Select Lemma | Search this resource.
  • Notice you now have two search panels open.
  • Add this text to the search query in the first search panel: WITHIN 5 words.
  • Copy and paste the search query text from the second search panel to the first.
  • Make sure the query looks like this: 
  • Use the drop down lists to adjust the search ranges.
  • Press the Enter key to initiate the search.






Logos now locates all the occurrences of these two Greek words within five words of each other—in your English Bible!

Please note these very important observations:

If the search type is set to Bible then both terms have to be in the same verse!

If the search type is set to Basic then both terms have to be in the same chapter!

If you enjoyed this tip about using English Bibles to accomplish original language work, then you’ll benefit from Camp Logos Live 2 DVD training which highlights numerous ways for English students to dig into Hebrew and Greek using Logos.

How has digging into the Hebrew and Greek helped your study of the Bible? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. John Chapman says

    Question for Morris: How can I find out how much of the New Testament is Aramaic (percentage wise) and which words are Aramaic while reading the Bible texts?

    Thank you for considering these questions. Pastor John of Havre, MT

  2. David Thurman says

    I’m new to this new version of Logos 4 and I’m not finding the Lemma|Search this resource menu item. Am I missing a module or something?

    • Richard kimmet says

      How do you align the two searches together to get the: Logos now locates all the occurrences of these two Greek words within five words of each other—in your English Bible! I did not see where it showed how to do this.

      God bless.
      Richard Kimmet

    • Richard Kimmet says

      Sorry the word “WITHIN” had to be all Caps.
      God bless.
      Richard Kimmet