Free Book of the Month: A. W. Pink’s The Godhood of God

A. W. Pink’s The Godhood of God is May’s Free Book of the Month!

“God not only created everything, but everything which He created is subject to His immediate control. God rules over the works of His hands. God governs the creatures He has made. God reigns with universal dominion.”—A. W. Pink

Arthur Walkington Pink, pastor and biblical scholar, discusses the omnipotence and sovereignty of God in The Goodhood of God. This book extols the virtues of a God who is more than a distant figurehead or quiet spectator, but the supreme potentate of the universe.

Biographer Iain H. Murrary says, “The widespread circulation of [Pink’s] writings after his death made him one of the most influential evangelical authors in the second half of the twentieth century.”

You can get Pink’s book free throughout May, and when you visit the Free Book of the Month page, you can enter to win the 40-volume A. W. Pink Collection.

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