Logos March Madness—It’s Game Time!

Logos March Madness starts today with our own Saturday Selection. All March long, we’ll be staging match-ups that follow the traditional NCAA March Madness schedule—with a Logos twist. This year, we’ve selected 64 of your favorite authors and placed them in brackets and mock conferences.  Each round you’ll have a chance to vote for your favorite author to advance. The more rounds an author wins, the greater discount you’ll get on a selection of his works. Discounts will start at 30%, increasing to 75% for the champion. Once an author has lost a round, a selection of his works will go on sale. These works will be listed on LogosMarchMadness.comalong with a coupon code for the discount. The schedule for Logos March Madness is as follows:

  • Selection Saturday —3/10
  • Round 1—3/10–16
  • Round 2—3/17–21
  • Sweet Sixteen—3/22–25
  • Elite 8—3/26–29
  • Final 4—3/30–31
  • Championship—4/2–3
  • Sale End—4/13

With nearly 600 resources available, this year’s Logos March Madness may be the best ever. Take a look at the field and start voting! Here are some tips for those of you trying to guess which resources will be on sale:

  1. All chosen resources are single author, single publisher
  2. No collections will be included, but individual works from collections may be.
  3. Most works have not been on Pre-Pub within the last year
  4. Most resources are not included in base packages.

Visit LogosMarchMadness.com today to view the brackets, and sign up for email alerts to see the most up-to-date information on each round of the sale.


  1. What pray, is a ‘traditional NCAA March Madness schedule’, or the peculiar looking table,
    ‘•Selection Saturday —3/10
    •Round 1—3/10–16
    •Round 2—3/17–21
    •Sweet Sixteen—3/22–25
    •Elite 8—3/26–29
    •Final 4—3/30–31
    •Sale End—4/13′? I assume that the numbers at the end of each line are American style dates and although some of the titles are fairly straight-forward such as ’round 1′ etc., Final, and ‘Sale End’, the rest of it leaves me mystified. Please explain for the uninitiated!

  2. Nathan Smoyer says:

    Hi Ken, yes you are correct. Just for additional clarification:

    •Selection Saturday — March 10
    •Round 1— March 10–16
    •Round 2—March 17–21
    •Sweet Sixteen—March 22–25
    •Elite 8—March 26–29
    •Final 4—March 30–31
    •Championship—April 2–3
    •Sale End—April 13

    Hope that helps. Have you voted yet?

    • Thank you Nathan, yes, I have voted for some with whom I am familiar. However, apart from Rounds 1 & 2, I’m still left somewhat bemused about the others. I repeat, not for the first time Winston Churchill’s reported remark on being told that the American Nation had joined the 2nd., World War, “Ah yes, the Americans, two nations separated by a common language!”
      Kind regards, and thanks again, Ken. (Sent on the 10th., March!!!)

  3. Hello Nathan, if you’re still there, I hope that the silence doesn’t mean that I’ve offended you; that was never my intention but it may be the end result! It’s just my perverse sense of humour (if either sense or humour be contained therein). Should I have done so, please accept my apology, Ken.

  4. Nathan Smoyer says:

    No offense taken, all is well my friend!