Free for March: Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Authentic Christianity

Authentic Christianity is March’s Free Book of the Month!

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who died 31 years ago today (March 1), has been called “the finest biblical expositor of the twentieth century” by John MacArthur, and “one of the titanic figures of twentieth-century Christianity” by Al Mohler. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ “logic on fire” preaching style has inspired many of today’s leading expositors.

Compiled from a series of messages preached during the peak of his ministry, Authentic Christianity features D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ comparison between modern Christianity and the early church. Here, Lloyd-Jones encourages readers to embrace the courage and faith of first-century Christians.

Don’t miss the opportunity to add this amazing volume to your library for free. Visit the Free Book of the Month page to download your copy today and enter for a chance to win the 10-volume Selected Works of Martyn Lloyd-Jones!


  1. Ellie Sullivan says

    I don’t understand how you enter for the chance to win the set of books!

    • Jayson Bradley says

      If you head to the Free Book of the Month page and scroll down to the contest, you have the ability to enter the contest through Facebook or by email. It’s all right there on the left side of the page, next to the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Collection which is on the right.

  2. Why do I have to give my credit card information to obtain the free book. If you want to give away a book, then give it away and don’t require a credit card. I’m very disappointed by these tactics.

    • Jayson Bradley says

      Randal, Thanks for the comment. The way our system currently works requires that even free items need to be run as a sale. Although a credit card wouldn’t be charged for a free book, it is required to be on file for the system to process the “sale”.

  3. Joshua Lieder says

    How can this be free when every time I try to download it, it insists upon trying to sell me BIBLE STUDY MAGAZINE as well?
    Any chance I could get it without being forced to buy the magazine as well.