Why Wait until Christmas to Build Your Library? Save Big Now!

We recently made our large Christmas collections available year-round as Library Builder Collections.

Imagine if your local bookstore were to have a sale on over 2,000 books—offering them all for only $1.24 per title. By the end of the day the store’s shelves would be empty. But with Logos’ Library Builder deals, you get huge bargains that never go out of stock!

These collections are packed with the resources you need—at a price you can afford. Take a look!

The Basic Library Builder (125 vols.) contains commentaries, dictionaries, theologies, and other helpful resources. If you’re in the market for resources to build your library, but you have a tight budget to work with, the Basic Library Builder is the collection to get.

The Essential Library Builder (250 vols.)If you’re looking for a little more bang for your buck, then the Essential Library Builder is the collection for you. As with the Basic, this set contains even more important dictionaries, commentaries, and theologies to augment your library—bundled together at one low price.

The Intermediate Library Builder (500 vols.) gives you 500 books for $1.80 each including four volumes from the Pillar New Testament Commentary, three volumes from Black’s New Testament Commentary, five volumes from New American Commentary, and four volumes from the New International Greek Testament Commentary.

Note: These three collections don’t overlap with each other, so you could buy a couple of them without getting any duplicates. Even though the master collection is the best deal, all of these collections offer an amazing amount of content at amazing prices.

The Master Library Builder (2,010 vols.) the perfect collection for an expansive resource library! Adding this many titles at only $1.24 a piece is almost too good to be true. If you were to purchase the contents in this collection at their list prices, you would pay $61,127.94. With the Master Library Builder, you save over 95%! Check out the product page to see all the amazing resources which come with this collection.

These Library Builder Collections allow you to get the best resources at the best possible price. And remember, you can always use our interest-free payment plan to stretch your payments out for up to a year!

So add content (and value) to your library—check these collections out!

Did you pick up one of these collections during Christmas? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.


  1. I like the deals Logos puts out,
    but I don’t like having to pay a bill each month not knowing the changes we might face in the economy. I would like Logos to let us buy vols of any collection, of any number, at any time.
    I like to buy it now, have it now and be debt free now. Next month I can then buy another vol of something and still be debt free, all the while getting the books I want. Please think about this Logos.
    Some titles are sold like this but not all.


    • Jayson Bradley says:

      Thank you for your comment Mike. There are many issues (including licensing) that affect the way we are able to sell certain volumes (whether singularly or in collections). Our ability to sell larger bundles also has an impact on the discounts we are able to offer. You can, however, search the products on Logos.com from the lowest priced items to those with the highest prices. I hope this helps.

  2. Hi,
    I totaly agree with the above comments, I would like to be able to afford more books, but after suffering another stroke and being laid off by Raytheon The books I purchase will have to be one at a time.
    I wish Logos was more like CBD.com
    Christian books.
    They give you the download after your purchase and a week later you receive the hardcopy in the mail.
    If Logos would include the published hardcopy we would actually have a library of books that friends and family could see and borrow.
    Instead we have ton’s of books, all located in the cyber world.
    My wife who refuses to learn the PC says that we are wasting cash if our legacy is empty book shelves.
    If the Romans and Greeks wouldn’t have left physical books where would we be?
    Sorry for taking all your time,

  3. I have the same issue not knowing the duplicates and if I would be making a wise purchase.