Vyrso’s Selection Grows with David C. Cook

David C. Cook, publisher of discipleship materials for helping Christians grow and pass on their faith, has made many of their most popular titles available on Vyrso.

Now you can grow your faith with dynamic ebooks like:

Or experience powerful biographies:

Read life-changing fiction:

And guide your family through turbulent times with:

These David C. Cook ebooks (and many more!) can be read in the designated Vyrso reader (iPhone or Android), the Logos app (iPhone or Android), Logos 4, or online at Biblia.com. So what are you waiting for? Pick up some new David C. Cook titles from Vyrso today!


  1. Can Vryso ebooks be transferred from a computer to a Kindle and read on a Kindle

  2. Nestor Toothacre says

    Thx for information.