Logos 4: Logos 4.5 Highlights Equal Notes

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars and provides many training materials.

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The recently released Logos 4.5 contains numerous new features especially in the areas of Notes and Highlighting. For the next few blogs I’d like to walk you some of these exciting enhancements.

The main point to now remember about highlighting is that every time you highlight text in a resource, that highlight becomes a Note in a Note File. A highlight equals a Note. For example,

  • Open a Logos resource
  • Choose Tools | Highlighting
  • Expand a highlighting palette such as Highlighter Pens (A) to reveal specific styles such as Blue Highlighter 
  • Select text in the resource (B)
  • Click Blue Highlighter in the Highlighting panel (C)

Notice several things that occurred simultaneously:

  • The selected text gets highlighted with the blue pen (B)
  • Logos indicates at the bottom of the Highlighting panel that an Annotation (Note) has been added to the Note File named Highlighted Pens (D)
  • Choose the File menu to see that newly created Note File named Highlighter Pens (E)
  • Click the Note File on the File menu or at the bottom of the Highlighting panel to open it


By default, every time you highlight text with a Highlighter Pen it will be added to this same Note File!

In a future blog you’ll learn to change the Note File to which these Highlights are added. In case you can’t wait, you can download for FREE the new Notes and Highlighting chapters from the updated Logos Bible Software Training Manuals Volumes 1 and 2.

What is your favorite Logos 4.5 update? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. Can you view these highlights on your mobile app? Can you highlight on your mobile app yet?

  2. Can you please not have Morris Proctor’s picture all the time on the feeds and blogs? His tips are good to know but the picture of him is really not needed.


    • Martin Weber says

      Mike, I respect your opinion but to me Moe’s picture personalizes his instruction–having attended his Camp Logos, it brings back memories of some of the best seminar instruction I’ve ever enjoyed. I’ve since bought both Camp Logos DVDs (including the new CL2 just released) and watch them every night after work as I strive to optimize my use of Logos. I experience Moe as a humble guy who doesn’t need to post his face for ego needs, but as the authorized Logos instructor he has to brand his ministry.

      • Clay Womble says

        Martin I have to agree with you!!! Morris is great instructor and it is clear his passion for God’s Word and the great too to dig into it with!!! Leave the picture!!!

  3. Gerry Mullins says

    Mo, thanks for the free updated chapters, and your personal attention to notes/highlighting in the blog. I’m sure that there must be a coherent reason why every highlight is added to a note file… but we desperately need a methodology to search both notes and highlights IN ADDITION to the sort options in the resource drop down box. Desperately. Need.

  4. Steve Walker says

    I don’t understand why we cannot have “right mouse click” highlighting. We had removal of highlighting this way–and now even that is gone. I read a lot and highlight everything—it is sure a pain to drag the cursor then open a panel then select from a menu then go back to the book and click it to get it to respond—etc….what a pain. Why can’t Logos just let us highlight a section, right mouse click a standard highlight color???
    Also, I will see how it works, but I don’t think I really need a note for each highlight…

    • Steve,
      I felt the same way till I discovered that you can easily build keystroke shortcuts to your favorite highlights. Then all you have to do is highlight the text and hit the letter of the style of highlighting you want to use. It actually works better than right-click highlighting because you can use several different highlighters.

      To assign your shortcuts, open the Highlighting window. Place your cursor on a highlighting style (for example, “Color Box”). Notice the circle with a triangle on the right side. Clicking it will open up a sub-menu where you can select your shortcut key. Once a shortcut key has been identified, it will show up next to the highlighter in the highlighting window. I just discovered how to do this a couple of weeks ago and it is great!

      • Charles Bessie says

        Hi Jim,

        Thanks for share with us what you’ve discovered… just tried it and it’s great and very helpful ;)

      • Ruben Saldana says


        Thanks! This was very helpful and will save me a lot of frustration!


      • For some reason I cannot select a shortcut key. I can click on the circle with a triangle and I see the shortcut option but I cant select it and add a shortcut. Does anyone have any further ideas?

      • Russ Ponder says

        Great post Jim – thanks for the information! Love this feature.

  5. I still don’t understand I NEED to have each and every highlight become a note…. If I wanted it as a note, all I needed to do was add that selection to a note… I know I do NOT want every highlight to become a note that I am not going to do anything else with… I already have clutter ‘issues’ from all my current clippings and highlights. Maybe I’m just not understanding the benefit.

    • Philana Crouch says

      This was needed for a future feature, the ability to share and collaborate on Notes and Highlights!

  6. Owen Morgan says

    Mo. Thanks for the pdfs of the new pages. Is it possible to get the combined Trainin Manual in pdf format, rather than printed format (i.e. can you download it)?

  7. Lanette Hudgins says

    Is there a way to turn off the highlighting to notes? I really do not see any advantage of having this clutter. I use highlighting in my studying. I use sections of highlights added to notes as needed. If there could be a way to turn it off or on as needed it seems this would be much more useful than creating lots of files that will never be used. Can these created note files be deleted?