Bible Study Magazine Gets a Makeover

Bible Study Magazine has a new look! Today is the first day you can subscribe to get the sharp, infographic-rich Mar.–Apr. ‘12 issue.

What Inspired the Change?

We wanted to bring the magazine to a fresh creative level. For Sean Fields, Logos’ art director, it was about creating an engaging reading experience that helps you get into the Word. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what went into Bible Study Magazine’s new design.

The New Cover

The design team is weaving cover story elements into what you see when you pick up Bible Study Magazine. In this issue, popular blogger Tim Challies talks about the struggle we sometimes have with keeping in the Word: “I want people to know that others struggle with this. I think they would find joy in knowing that they’re not alone.” He also encourages us to keep studying as “so often God uses obedience to rekindle the flame of delight.”

  • Why it’s better: The design team connected this concept to the cover. While BSM covers have traditionally featured headshots, Challies is depicted in a secluded, windswept wheat field under a cloudless blue sky. The title, “Forging through Isolation,” ties these elements together in an exciting, creative way.

The Look

Crisp, clean lines lead you through the issue, from JoHannah Reardon’s devotional on giving credit to God to the feature story on Tullian Tchividjian, “Bible Study for the Present Day.” Tchividjian, the high school dropout, grandson of Billy Graham, and author of Jesus+Nothing=Everything, talks about the God who transforms and the clarity His Word brings.

  • Why it’s better: The new design eliminates chaos and elevates content. A simple sans serif font throughout the issue gives it a consistent feel that makes you want to keep reading. Clean lines, white space, and bold colors bring a contemporary, fresh look.

The Special Section

We’re upping our storytelling game with exciting visuals. For example, this month’s themed section features compelling articles that explore the rebellion and the power shifts of the divided kingdom in 1–2 Kings.

  • Why it’s better: Not familiar with the intricacies of these kings and kingdoms? No worries—our new infographics lay out complex ancient politics in ways that are easy to understand at a glance. Using chess pieces, Sean and his team captured the violent power shifts found in 1–2 Kings.

Future issues of Bible Study Magazine will have individual looks, dictated by the content, with our readers in mind.  “With our design, we’re trying to get the reader engaged and make the content appealing to everyone who is interested in studying the Bible,” says Sean. “The Bible appeals to all ages, and our magazine should reflect that.”

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  1. Any word when there might be a move to digital format with either new issues or at least back issues? Physical media takes up so much space :-)

    • I completely agree. I subscribed to the magazine but the color combinations and small text was hard for me to read. I like being able to change font sizes and the portability of reading on devices like my iPod and tablet.

  2. Gary McPherson says

    Agreed, I would love to read this on my Kindle Fire. I used to subscribe, but rarely if ever read print so I found the magazines piling up without taking time to read them. Digital format option would be awesome.

    • Moises Rivera says

      I completely agree with you. I also have a Kindle Fire and I would love to read my subscription on my Kindle. LOGOS should really consider providing the magazine via a PDF file download for subsribers that own a Kindle Fire.

  3. I would love to receive this magazine, however postage to New Zealand is more expensive than the magazine itself.

    The obvious alternative would be to make the magazine digital so it could be made available internationally rather than just in the USA. Yes, there are starving and hungry Christians outside the USA.

    Further, I have a Kindle and would prefer to read it on that device, or even on Logos.

    OT. Any news about using Logos books on the Kindle?

  4. Thank you for the re-design, especially moving away from the personality-driven “head shots.” I agree with the digital format concept. I can even read via my app in the bathtub!

  5. Jimmy Smith says

    Would love to see Bible Study Magazine linked to the Logos Software. Any plans for that?