Updates to Highlights and Notes Coming in 4.5

A new version of Logos Bible Software is on its way! We wanted to give you a heads up on some of the changes you can expect to see when it ships. Version 4.5 is an update available for both Windows and Mac.

What’s New in Logos 4.5?

With 4.5, Notes and Highlighting have been merged into one. This means that whenever you highlight a passage of Scripture or underline an important thought in your favorite commentary, these highlights are backed up as an individual note. From here, you have the ability to add notes to any specific highlight, alter the style of the highlight, or remove the icon that appears next to a highlight in the resource.

When you update, Logos 4 will create a new note for your existing highlights (one per highlighting palette) with links to your highlights. You can turn sets of highlights on or off by (un)checking that specific note in the visual filter menu for a resource.

One of the most requested features from our users has been the ability sync highlights and notes to your mobile devices. Now, with Logos 4.5 and the soon-to-be-released version 2 of the Logos Bible app for iOS (this functionality is coming for Android but it’s behind the iPhone release), this feature will be rolling out soon. (Look for an announcement here on the blog once the Logos iPhone app 2.0 is released.)

Here are a few more of the many changes to Highlighting and Notes:


  • The “New Palette” function has been moved to the toolbar.
  • Command menu buttons have been added to the right of each palette for alternate access to context menu (right-click) options.
  • Highlighting note destination can be selected for a particular palette by clicking on the palette’s menu, selecting “Palette specific note” (default) and changing the selection to “Most recent note” or a specific user-created Notes document.


  • Hyperlinked citations will be automatically added to the end of pasted resource text in a note.
  • Pressing “Esc” in an active note will defocus and collapse the note.
  • Notes can now be sorted by reference, date added, title, and note color.

You can find more Highlighting and Notes changes (as well as other updates) in the release notes.

There are also some new Mac-specific changes and features available in version 4.5 including:

  • “Bibliography only” option to the Print/Export panel
  • Font scaling
  • New gestures
  • Changes to the Passage List

For a specific listing check out the release notes.

How Do You Get It?

The 4.5 update will be shipping soon. Here’s how to ensure you get the update:

If you have automatic updating enabled (PC screenshot | Mac screenshot), which is the default setting, Logos 4 should notify you when updates are ready to be installed. When you see the balloon tooltip window, right-click on the Logos icon in your system tray and choose to “Install update” (PC screenshot).

We expect 4.5 to ship Tuesday, January 24. If you have not received 4.5 by Wednesday, January 25, type Update Now into the Command Bar (PC screenshot | Mac screenshot). This will force Logos 4 to check for any available updates (PC screenshot | Mac screenshot) and begin downloading them.


  1. Will version 2 of the iPad app allow me to sync my reading plans with my desktop?

  2. Will this update repair the abilty to sync my reading plan to my iPhone?

  3. “soon-to-be-released version 2 of the Logos Bible app for iOS”

    It is so hard to not get my hopes up that the word “soon” is being used in this sentence like the majority of the known world uses the term. I guess we’ll find out soon.

  4. Looks like someone hit the “Post” button for this blog entry too soon. Logos 4.5 has not been released to the public yet. It is still only in the “release candidate” stage (available only to beta testers). In the future, please hold off on these blog posts announcing new releases (speaking as if they’re available already) until the release goes Gold. Otherwise, it only confuses people. Apparently this is a common occurrence. See http://community.logos.com/forums/t/44217.aspx.

  5. This makes me nervous. I have extensive highlighting in my study Bible, with colour coded notes attached to each highlighted passage. Sounds like I’m going to have a mess to clean up when I upgrade.

  6. looking forward to this update. can you post a video or two featuring the functionality?

  7. Version 2 of the iOS app should be available this week, and will support notes and highlighting syncing; an update that upgrades Reading Plans to the new v2 sync model should follow (on both the desktop and iOS) within a couple weeks.

    Logos 4.5 is planned for release today; the blog post was put up a day earlier to inform people about the change in highlighting functionality. I’m sorry we weren’t clearer about the day of the release.

    • Philana Crouch says

      This is wonderful. I really have needed having notes and highlighting on my iPad. Specifically the ability to use precept inductive highlighting. No other Bible app offers this. I am so excited.

  8. You had me at Hello Logos! Love you guys. I am your biggest fan! Keep up the good work as we strive to “know Him and to make Him Known”

    • David Turner says

      I have downloaded Logos 4.5 & the iOS update.
      I do have highlighting on my iPad 2 & iPhone.
      The reading plans ARE NOT SYNCHING….