Get a Free Book Every Month in 2012

Would you like to get a free book every month throughout 2012? We thought so! That’s why we put together the Free Book of the Month. Each book is part of a larger collection, and every month you can enter to win that collection, too!

January’s Free Book of the Month is John Owen’s Temptation and Sin. This book contains:

  • On the Mortification of Sin
  • On Temptation
  • On Indwelling Sin in Believers
  • Exposition of Psalm 130

Temptation and Sin is more than a fanciful book on behavior modification; this is a powerful resource for anyone looking  to understand and battle sin. Theologian J. I. Packer has admitted to owing more to John Owen than to any other theologian—and owing “more to On Mortification of Sin than to anything else he wrote.”

Not only can you pick up your free copy of Temptation and Sin, you can enter to win the 24-volume Works of John Owen! Just head over to the Free Book of the Month page to download your free book and enter the giveaway!


  1. This looks like a good book to read.

    • Andrew D. Enyagberue says

      Thank you Logos 4 and all team members. You help me never to forget our God at any one second. Thank you for all you do for us and for the Lord. I need the free book from Vyrso for my spiritual diet. Thank you for feeding me daily on the Word of God. Thank you again.

      Andrew D. Enyagberue

  2. I appreciate Logos been using it for 7 years now God bless

  3. Thanks, this is a great idea to aquaint me with authors & books I may not have purchased.

  4. Tried multiple times to “add” the “free book” to the cart (per the instructions) and the cart continued to stay empty. Did I miss something or is there a another way of getting the “free book”?

    • Jayson Bradley says

      Thanks for your question! I have tried unsuccessfully to recreate a scenario where the book wouldn’t get added to my cart. I am not sure where you are having trouble. Try clicking on this link. Let me know if it works for you. Thanks again, Kris.

  5. jerry burke says

    I Jerry would like A free Book every mount Also.

  6. Sam Duncan says

    These books look like they are full of great material. Do you have pay for them later? Or are these books actually FREE with no strings attached?