Exclusive Zondervan Daily Deals on Twitter!

You’ve given us a lot of positive feedback regarding the exclusive Daily Deals on Twitter. Good news! We’ve got more great deals yet to come.

Starting today we will feature a Zondervan resource every Monday as part of our ongoing Daily Deals on Twitter.  These Zondervan deals will continue for the next 14 weeks. Today’s deal is Evaluating the Church Growth Movement: 5 Views. This resource was compiled and edited by Gary L. McIntosh, a teacher at the Talbot School of Theology.

Enter the Daily Deal coupon code DD16621 today to get 50% off.

Remember, these Zondervan specials will continue every Monday for 14 weeks. So be sure to follow us on Twitter and look for #DailyDeal tweets to catch these special offers!


  1. Michael Anda says

    Do the Twitter Daily Deals get posted on the Logos 4 Home page each day? I have a Twitter account, but don’t generally go there daily as a habit.

  2. Nathan Smoyer says

    Hi Michael. You can find the Daily Deals 3 different ways. The first is the easiest, which is to follow Logos on Twitter or visit Twitter.com/Logos daily to find the deals. The second way is to subscribe to our tweets via RSS. The last way is to visit our Facebook page, (Facebook.com/BibleSoftware) and click on the “Twitter Deals” tab to find each Daily Deal. Hope this helps!


  3. Michael Anda says

    Thank you, Nathan. And yes, that does help. The best method for me personally would be the Logos 4 Home page. If you’d suggest that to your superiors, I’d appreciate it. This seems most logical to me. Maybe you’re doing this already as I saw one there today. I’m basically inquiring on whether this is supposed to ALWAYS happen, or if it just SOMETIMES happens.

  4. Michael Anda says

    Ah, I see now that I didn’t see one (Twitter Deal). What I saw was something else. Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics (4 vols.) was the sale I was thinking was a Twitter offer. Never mind…