Breaking News: All’s Well That Ends Well

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, while most people were sleeping, someone threw a cinder block through the window of our customer service building. We made light of the event in a blog post later that day.

We might have winked at the event on the blog, but the truth is these sorts of events are disheartening. We have many employees that come and go from the Logos campus at all times of day. An anonymous act of aggression like this leaves many unanswered questions. Was this an isolated event? Were we targeted? If an employee was in the wrong place at the wrong time, could they have been in danger?

This isn’t the first time we have experienced an act like this as a company. We have been both targets of extensive, premeditated vandalism, as well as singled out by theives.

We do take these things seriously. We have to.

Our blog post with the embedded video of the break in went viral. Visits to the Logos blog went through the roof. Soon local news affiliates were here doing stories on the event. It would have been hard to be a Bellingham, WA resident and not know about break in, or see the video. It was really only a matter of time before the individual was located.

Yesterday afternoon the vandal called Logos to speak to Executive Vice-President, Dan Pritchett. He wasn’t able to get hold of  Dan and called back three times. When he finally got Dan on the phone he confessed and apologized. It was obvious that he was sincerely sorry.

He assured us that, not only is this the first time he has ever done anything like this, it was a random act and Logos Bible Software wasn’t singled out. And then he asked to pay restitution for the damages.

Dan was convinced of his sincerity and, although we are going to let him pay for the damages, Logos is not going to press charges. In fact, he and Dan are going to have lunch next week.


  1. I hope that this grace gets picked up by the local media as well and people get to see the gospel in action.

  2. Perhaps Dan can use this verse as a conversation starter …
    “Behold, I stand at the door and knock”

    • Sequim Mike says

      That’s Pretty Funny !!
      You should Get the Door Prize !!
      Or would You trade it for what’s behind
      Door #3…

  3. Wow, that is an amazing testimony to the power of grace. Grace was evident even in the lighthearted initial posting on the blog. It could have been all filled with anger at the “idiot” would would do something like that. I even found myself holding back that sort of a response (he didn’t even go in and steal anything when he had the chance, etc.). But he was drawn to repentance by a loving God through a charitably honest post. Way to go, Logos! And way to go not pressing charges.

    I love it that he and Dan are going to have lunch next week. Give him a free copy of a Logos base package. Who knows? You may have won over a lifetime customer, and maybe a disciple of Jesus.

  4. Michael Ramey says

    I love you guys and am proud to be associated with a company that not only provides me with resources to get deeper into God’s awesome WORD but also lives as representatives of Christ!

  5. Gerry Mullins says

    I like the way that Rosie thinks :)

  6. John Whitehouse says

    Great way of handling this Logos! You were a fragrance…

  7. All is well that ends well. That reminds me – The end is in sight!

  8. Might I suggests that under these circumstances, and if a qualified minister determines the wrongdoer is truly repentant, and if monetary reimbursement will pose a severe hardship on that individual or their family, that if at all possible, Logos works out an arrangement where they can provide so many hours of work at Logos and/or community service, in lieu of monetary repayment for the damages they caused? This may offer the repentant wrongdoer a deeper appreciation of the seriousness of the damages they caused to the organization, its people, and the important mission which these the facilities damaged represent.

  9. It feels good to enjoy your materials and know you stand by what you sell, because you represent the Lord in business and practice..
    thank you LOGOS!!!

  10. Will Nelken says

    Way to be the light!