Preview Books on!

Have you noticed the new “See Inside” feature at Now you can preview multiple pages of many resources available from Logos.

Getting a glimpse inside the content on is as easy as visiting an individual product page (we will be integrating this feature into collections soon) and clicking the “See Inside” button on the product image. A lightbox will open, letting you see a number of random pages throughout the resource.

Now you can look through thousands of resources before adding them to your library. But be careful! You might find yourself filling up your wish list (Oh, have we not mentioned wish lists yet? More to come . . . . )


  1. Bill Fitzgerald says

    The See Inside feature did work for me. It was like leafing through a book to get the feel if the text would be intelligible to me. You can’t judge a book by its cover. The Discourse Grammar peek that I read showed it was clear and down to earth. Some readers might find it too simple.