Logos Opens Phoenix Development Office

Logos Bible Software has hired some great software developers in the past year, but we still need more!

Earlier this year we offered a $1,000 Logos credit to anyone who referred us a programmer we hired. We’re happy to extend that offer, and hope lots of you will take us up on it.

We believe that Bellingham, Washington is one of the country’s greatest places to live, and we’ve gone to great lengths to make our office here a Best Workplace. But sometimes moving to Bellingham isn’t possible for everyone.

So in January we’re opening a development office in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Different weather, different community size, and more people who can join our team without having to move!

(Why Phoenix? To start with, we have direct flights from Bellingham’s easy, little airport to the easy, little Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport. And then there’s the sun, which apparently spends the winter in Arizona so we will appreciate Bellingham’s glorious summers all the more. . . .)

So now it doesn’t matter if you want a big town or small town, a large office or a small group of co-workers, waterfront living or a desert paradise. If you’re a software developer who wants to serve the church and the world, we’re the place to be—in two places!

All of our software development jobs are now open in Bellingham or the Phoenix-area office.


  1. My Son inlaw is programmer who lives in Chandler and works for intuit and software developer and programmer. He is a believer and could be the man.

    • Michael Ballai says

      Now I know that I was born three or four decades too soon. I’ve got family and friends there. Sigh…

  2. Why waste money on a building, travel expenses, and relocation costs? Software Developers usually work much more efficiently from their homes. And the ones you can’t trust to work at home, you can’t really trust to work in an office either. Why put yourself and your people through so much hassle and waste? If you want the best, and you want them at their best, when it comes to software development, virtual office is the clear choice.