A Case for Theological Journals

If you have spent any amount of time doing serious Bible study or research you have inevitably run into references to articles contained in theological journals. These journals are on the cutting edge of biblical scholarship, containing fresh research, insight into key theological topics, and exegesis of the Biblical text.

But too often when you want to take your studies further, you find that these journals are housed in some far-off Bible college or university. And if you wanted to order a subscription to a specific journal you’ll soon find that you may have to put off eating for a month–some of these journals can cost well over a hundred dollars for just four issues! But do not despair! With the Theological Journal Library, vol. 14 now on Pre-Pub, Logos has brought those distant libraries filled with theological journals right into the comfort of your own home.

The Need for Theological Journals

Where a Bible commentary may take up to 10 years or more to be published, journal articles tend to be published more quickly. Also, with commentaries there is often a set page limit that constrains the author to stick to the big picture while theological journals step in and go deeper into textual issues.

This freedom keeps theological journals on the cutting edge of scholarship. Often this scholarship is more specialized, focusing on issues of grammar, cultural background, or theology of a particular passage or passages of Scripture. Having access to theological journals in your Logos library is like bringing a research library into your personal place of study and allowing you to study the Bible in a more enriching manner.

Theological Journals in Logos 4

If you are a Logos user, then you know how incredible it is to have a software program that searches your entire library in a matter of seconds. In the same way you search the Bible for a particular word, phrase, or verse, you can also just as quickly search through your theological journals for any reference or verse. And when you click on a Scripture reference in your journal, Logos quickly navigates to that Bible verse. This speeds up your study and gives you more time to research—and who doesn’t want that?

Considering the amount of scholarship contained in theological journals and the speed and power of Logos 4, Theological Journal Library, vol. 14 is an invaluable addition to your library. And with the incredible Pre-Pub price of $49.95, now is the time to add it to your library and take your Bible study to an even deeper level.  And while you’re at it, check out some of these other journals that Logos has to offer!


  1. Andy Anderson says

    Your first best buy is the largest Logos package that you can afford, and the Journals are the second best buy. I was turned onto this product by an avid Logos user, so have been purchasing them as they are made available. It is incredible the amount of solid material here, and can be searched by topic, passage, author, you name it. It has been very helpful for book reviews too. I highly recommend that this be your next purchase, as you will benefit greatly from this massive resource.

    • John Arnold says

      I have the journals up to vol. 12. However, I would like to know how to search them by topic in Logos 4. Any comments?

      • Andy Anderson says


        Under tools create a collection, and I have named mine Theological Journal Collection. In the “Start with resources matching” I have placed the following; “type:Journal” Then look through them to find those items that you want removed. With this set-up, when you add 12, 13, and now 14 on prepub, they will automatically be searchable through this set up.

        Click on search, click on “Basic”, It will state “Search, all text, then begin typing in theological journal and your collection will come up. Click on it, and now you are ready to search topics to your hearts content. In the “find box” your cursor will be flashing for you to enter your topic. Many articles will come up, and it is a lot of fun to open each of them and read.

  2. I agree with Andy (except that I don’t see Portfolio as a good value at all). Buy Platinum. Then buy journals. Then enjoy study.

  3. And to echo Cliff, having these journals in your Logos library really does serve as a tremendous asset, not only to academic study, but also sermon prep. I have found several instances where a writer took a 5-part series of articles from BibSac or some other journal and later published it as a separate commentary, word-for-word. Also, it is very enriching to be able to search out and study topics in detail. You can also do an author search and read articles posted by some of your favorites (e.g. “Albert Mohler” or “John MacArthur” or “John Piper”).