Weekly Roundup: October 8

The Weekly Roundup is a regular feature alerting you to significant things happening at Logos this week. Take a few moments to check out these newsworthy items for the week of October 8, 2011.

Important Information!

To celebrate the value of pastoral ministry, Logos has created Pastor Appreciation Month Specials.

For every week of October we’ve selected a theme: Leadership, Worship, Pastoral Care, and Preaching. For each of these themes we’ve chosen five resources (books, collections, or other goodies) which we think could benefit a pastoral ministry. Check back every day to see what new deals we’ve released! You never know what discounts or freebies may await you!

Introduce your pastor to Logos! Get 15% off of a base package today when you use the coupon code BLESSING at checkout—your pastor will thank you!

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These are Pre-Pubs shipping next week. Don’t miss your last chance to pick these up at their amazing Pre-Pub prices!

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Don’t miss out in these new offers on Community Pricing:

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Job Postings

Logos is hiring! Here are just a few of the newer postings on our Careers page:

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  1. I’m confused…with all of this talk about the sale prices ending on Sept 30, and then the sale graciously being extended another day due to the many orders(!), why is the home page of L4 still showing that old information 9 days later when it should be all done and over with? I’m just curious, that’s all…