On Pre-Pub: The Missional Theology Collection

Missions are an important facet of the church’s participation in the gospel. Sharing the powerful message of divine reconciliation across cultures and language barriers is an integral part of Christian obedience. Jesus himself charged the church with the task of going to make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:19).

Missions require planning and effort. Learning to share the message in a relevant way, in an unfamiliar language, is a herculean task requiring some cultural, anthropological, methodological, and sociological understanding.

If your library could use quality books on mission related concerns, look no further than the Missional Theology Collection. This fifteen-volume collection of books from Paternoster Press offers nearly 4,000 pages of missions oriented material discussed from a distinctly twenty-first-century perspective.

In this collection you will:

  • gain understanding of the origins and spread of liberation theology
  • examine the biblical practice of using discipleship as an effective model for teaching attitudes, values, and behavior
  • challenge some misconceptions about Latin American evangelical theology
  • explore ideas for effectively engaging diverse cultures in areas like creative art, literature, politics, science, and business
  • find a critique of Clark Pinnock’s view of inclusivism
  • and much more
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