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Charles Spurgeon has been called the “Prince of Preachers.” Both an influential pastor and a prolific writer, Spurgeon was a dominant Christian figure in the latter nineteenth century. Over a hundred years have passed, but Spurgeon’s influence has scarcely waned.

Now you can add Spurgeon’s The Pastor in Prayer to your library—absolutely free!

This 175-page book contains a collection of Spurgeon’s prayers and includes the Scriptures which inspired them.

You may already be familiar with Spurgeon’s works, but it is particularly inspiring to read the prayers which invigorated this man whom Mark Driscoll has called, “the greatest Bible preacher outside of Scripture.”

In The Pastor in Prayer you see Spurgeon’s pastoral heart on every page:

“We do pray for all who are out of the way; for such in this congregation as remain unsaved. Lord, let them not die in their sins. Have mercy upon some that have had a godly training, but remain ungodly. Oh condemn them not, we pray Thee, with such a mass of guilt upon them; but save them yet. Lord, have great mercy upon such as are ignorant of Christ, and therefore sin, but know not what they do. Let them become trophies of Thy wondrous love. Gather them in; oh, gather them in to-day.”

“Our Father, for that is the sweetest title by which we can address Thee, we pray Thee save us entirely from sin. There are many in Thy presence who are resting in the peace which comes of justification by faith. We know that we are righteous through the righteousness of another, even Jesus Christ; but we pant and pine for personal likeness to Thyself. If Thou be our Father, then upon every child of Thine should be the Father’s image impressed: so let it be.”

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