Free! Revised Common Lectionary: Daily Readings

Did you know there might be a free copy of the Revised Common Lectionary: Daily Readings waiting for you? We just added this lectionary to all our base packages, so if you already own a Logos 4 base package, you can get it for free!

About the Revised Common Lectionary: Daily Readings

These daily readings are centered around the main Sunday text of the Revised Common Lectionary. The readings on Thursday through Saturday prepare for the Sunday text, and the readings on Monday through Wednesday reflect on it. This resource was developed by the Consultation on Common Texts, an ecumenical organization which includes several Protestant denominations as well as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Whether you use the Revised Common Lectionary as part of your liturgical tradition or simply to help guide your personal devotions, the Daily Readings are the perfect companion resource.

Instead of charging for the Revised Common Lectionary: Daily Readings, we decided to make this resource free for everyone who owns a KF or LE base package. It’s just one more reason to stay up-to-date with the latest base package. Sometimes we give stuff away to everyone (think Perseus). Other times we make books available to specific groups of people. In this case, we’re offering the Revised Common Lectionary: Daily Readings to everyone who has a Logos 4 base package.

How to Get It

  1. Go to the upgrade page.
  2. If you own an LE or KF base package, select the free crossgrade option.
  3. Your free crossgrade to JG (from LE or KF only) includes the Revised Common Lectionary: Daily Readings.
  4. Next time you start Logos 4, the lectionary will download automatically. (If you noticed the book didn’t come through, simply type “Update Resources” in the Command Bar and Logos 4 will download them.)

See If You Qualify

Head on over to the upgrade page to see if you qualify for the free Revised Common Lectionary: Daily Readings. While you’re there, be sure to check out all your upgrade options.

Upgrading your base package is one of the best ways to build your library. When you upgrade, you’ll add hundreds—potentially even thousands—of books to your library for a fraction of the cost. Most books run around 90% off if you get them as part of a base package upgrade. Check out your options!


  1. I have attempted to get this on my Logos 4 Gold KF package but seems no go. Is this only for upgrade or for all with a KF/LE package as indicated in the blog post?

    • Sorry. I re-read the ‘how to get’ and finally figured out that I needed to actually go to the upgrade page, press my current package with price as ‘free’ and ‘pay’ via cart of $0.00. PS I have Platinum not Gold as well!

  2. Mine shows this so I assume I shouldn’t upgrade?

    Approximate value of new content between your old
    Scholar’s Library and the new Scholar’s Library: $-120.00

    • Jayson Bradley says

      Thanks for the question! We have had a couple of questions regarding this. There are some items behind the scenes on the upgrade page which need to be fixed (and should be this week). Rest assured, by crossgrading to the JG version of your current base package, you are not going to lose any resource and will be adding others.

      Thanks again!