Camp Logos 2 Live: Don’t Miss This Pre-Pub!

Using Logos 4 is as easy as entering a passage and clicking “Go.” This means that anyone can benefit from Logos Bible Software, but did you know that most users use less than 10% of Logos’ full potential? Morris Proctor wants to help you tap into the other 90%.

Now you can learn to use Logos 4 like never before with Camp Logos 2 Live. While Camp Logos 2 Live can be used independently, it picks up right where Camp Logos Live left off—with over nine new hours of training!

As your resources grow in Logos 4, managing your library becomes an important part of profitable Bible study. In Part One of Camp Logos 2 Live, Morris will teach you to identify and organize every book in your library! With your library tagged and organized, there is so much you can do to cater your study to your tastes and needs. As Morris says in the video above, “I believe applying this tagging system is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to enhance the use of your ebooks.”

The second part of the series walks you through some of the important features in Logos 4 which didn’t quite make it into the first Camp Logos Live. You will look at:

  • Louw-Nida numbers
  • Syntax
  • Visual Filters
  • and much more

You don’t have to be a seminary student or well-versed in Hebrew and Greek to get something out of Camp Logos 2 Live. These training sessions are aimed at helping the average user get the most out of their Logos 4 software. Allow Morris to help take your Bible study to a whole new level by bringing our popular Camp Logos training sessions right into your home. With Camp Logos on your personal computer, you can stop when you need to, return to areas of training repeatedly, and work at your own pace.

Pick up your copy of Camp Logos 2 Live while it is on Pre-Pub and get it at 20% off!

Have you attended a Camp Logos, or own a copy of Camp Logos Live? Leave us a comment and tell us how it has been helpful to you.


  1. I am sorry, but after reading Morris’s notes on the home page and watching some of the videos, I am left absolutely none-the-wiser. I fail to retain or in nearly every case even follow the instructions, they just don’t seem to make sense. I am afraid that he is communicating in a totally different language to me. I know that this is supposed to be the ‘paperless’ society and totally digital but it strikes me that what Logos really, really needs is a good ‘blow by blow’ or, if you prefer, a ‘stroke by stroke’ paper manual so that the mysteries of Logos can be carefully unravelled. This system is anything but intuitive otherwise why would we even begin to need expensive videos to, in my case at least, fail to do the job of a manual? I am sorry to be so negative but the Nelson’s programmes were probably the most accessible and then the Libronix but for all of the brilliant resources that Logos has, apart from reading them, – and as the library grows, – even that becomes much harder, the power of the programme is concealed within it’s sheer complexity! I accept that I will never be a computer ‘buff’, it’s far too late in life for that, but why oh why does it have have to be so obtuse?

    Having said that, where would you find any resource that supplies so much material with such frequent good will? The Logos business ethic is certainly worthy of just so much commendation and for that I certainly do give my heartfelt thanks.