Weekly Roundup: September 24

The Weekly Roundup is a regular feature alerting you to significant things happening at Logos this week. Take a few moments to check out these newsworthy items for the week of September 24, 2011.

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New Pre-Pubs

Last Chance Pre-Pubs

These are Pre-Pubs shipping next week. Don’t miss your last chance to pick these up at their amazing Pre-Pub prices!

Community Pricing 

What’s new with Community Pricing?


We have officially launched Vyrso.com, our Christian ebook store! Vyrso started with a soft launch while we worked to finish the website and create a complete bookstore experience. Now that Vyrso has launched, you can explore over 4,000 ebooks (nearly 25,000 e-books by the end of the year) and find more than 70 titles at 99¢!

Job Postings

Logos is hiring! Here are just a few of the newer postings on our Careers page:

Customer Service

Marketing Department


Was there anything else from Logos you found interesting this week? Leave us a comment and let us know!