Vyrso Announces Its Official Launch!

After much anticipation, Vyrso has finally announced its official launch!

Vyrso helps you find, buy, and read your favorite books. Whether you are looking for powerful fiction, thought-provoking theology, enlightening biblical studies, or books to enrich your ministry, Vyrso brings you the very best in Christian literature.

Read a best-selling Max Lucado book, a riveting Ted Dekker novel, or be the first to download Mark Driscoll’s soon-to-be-released Real Marriage.

Celebrate with Over 70 Titles for Less than $1!

Vyrso has partnered with Thomas Nelson to bring you encouraging books for only 99¢! Scroll through tons of incredible titles for less than $1 a piece. Find old favorites and discover new treasures like:

What Sets Vyrso Apart?


Your Vyrso books are stored in the cloud. This means your library is available wherever you are! Our free iPhone, iPad, and Android apps allow you to take your ebooks on the go. Your Vyrso books can also be read (and are completely searchable) in Logos 4 and on Biblia.com.


Logos has integrated one-touch Bible references into Vyrso. Tap the reference and the Scripture is instantly available.


Vyrso is launching with 5,000 ebooks, but will be expanding to nearly 25,000 by the end of the year. This will make Vyrso the largest exclusively Christian ebookstore on the Internet.

So head over to Vyrso.com to see our selection of Christian books that fit your life.

Leave us a comment and tell us which new book from Vyrso will you be reading first!



  1. Is there any difference between buying a book on vyrso.com and buying one at logos.com? Will a book I buy through vyrso be in my Logos library when I’m running Logos 4 on my desktop?

    • Do your books work with Kindle 3 Readers?

    • I was wondering the same, so I thought I’d invest in one Vyrso book, although I don’t have any device to run it on, and purchased “Knowing Aslan”. Guess what: It popped up in Logos!

      I hope it’ll work the other way around, and I’ll be able to access ny Logos library once I get an Android phone some time next year.

      • K.C. Hartman (@BibleLover) says

        Just so you all know, I have Logos on my Android phone, I also “test” purchased a couple books. I see my purchases on both my Logos on PC and on my Android phone! Awesome!!!

  2. Bill Fitzgerald says

    I have been reading Facade. My difficulty is every once in a while wshen I am turning a page, it flips back to Chapter 1. So you have to know where you are so that you can go back to where you were. Otherise it is fast and clear and easy to switch to Landscape view. I think it is also in my Logos 4 Library.


  3. Ray F Graham says

    Good Morning,
    I have a PC with Logos 4 — can I have Vyrso. My understanding is that you need to a MAC computer or fancy cellphones. Please advise.
    R.F. Graham

    • Jayson Bradley says

      Thanks for your question. Although there is a designated app for Vyrso books, you can read your Vyrso books in Logos 4 (PC or Mac), on the Logos app, or at Biblia.com.