LSJ Receives a Massive Update with the Release of Perseus

The Liddell Scott Greek-English Lexicon (known as LSJ) has been a crucial resource for many Logos users in their Greek studies. Now, with the massive update released last week, LSJ is even better.

What makes LSJ so valuable is that it pulls from a massive pool of literature to help you better understand the Greek words you are studying. LSJ’s sources include the Septuagint, the Greek New Testament, a handful of early Christian literature, and thousands of Greek classics.

In light of the upcoming release of the Perseus Classics Collection, we have tagged nearly 200,000 references to the Greek classics in the Perseus Classics Collection. Now, when reading an entry in this lexicon, you need only hover your cursor over a link, and a popup will show you the context of the resource it’s from. If you right click on the reference, you can go straight to the resource, or even the English translation if it’s available.

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With Perseus Classics Collection, you get a massive amount of content—over 1,100 volumes—for free! Not only are these timeless, monumental resources in themselves, the Perseus Classics Collection can help revolutionize your textual searches in Logos 4. When coupled with the improved Liddell Scott Greek-English Lexicon, you have a powerhouse of Greek study.

And make sure you check out the other Perseus Collections. You will find key works of Renaissance literature—and literature from early America.

With the whole collection, you get all of these resources added to your library absolutely free! Act fast! Perseus ships September 30, so place your pre-order now!

If you have already ordered the Perseus Classics Collection and do not own a copy of  the Liddell Scott Greek-English Lexicon, pick up your copy of LSJ today!


  1. That is nice to hear! Will the same thing be happening for BDAG? Thanks!

  2. I have a copy of Liddell Scott, but it is dated in the 1800s. Will it be automatically updated?

  3. Steve Maling says:

    This is truly a marvelous contribution to scholarship! In the spirit of, “Those customers are NEVER satisfied!” I call to folks’ attention the benefits that will accrue when Biblical Languages: Reference Grammars and Introductions (19 vols.)becomes available. You can see why at:
    This Pre-Pub offers us a way to spend the first $249.95 we saved on the FREE Perseus Classics and Papyri collections:-)
    Here’s hoping many of you wise souls will help push the “Biblical Languages: Reference Grammars and Introductions” collection out of “Gathering Interest” and into “Under Development”.

  4. Arthur Gregory says:

    I have the same question as Bob Fuller. Is this Liddell Scott different from the one that I already have in my collection?

  5. bRIAN rOBERTSON says:


  6. When will the Perseus collection download?

    I’ve ordered it pre-pub and I can’t wait to use it.