Only Two Days Left—Upgrade Now!

We have offered a discount to upgrade to Logos 4 since we launched the platform in November, 2009. These discounts end Friday, September 30, at Midnight (PST). Find out what discounts you qualify for by going to our personalized Upgrade Discounter now!

Make the Switch to Logos 4!

If you have been waiting to make the switch to Logos 4, now is the time!

With Logos 4, we rebuilt our software from the ground up in order to provide you with the most advanced Bible study tools available. Logos is faster, more powerful, more intuitive, and more customizable than ever before.

When you upgrade to the award-winning Logos 4, you will get:

  • Up to hundreds of new resources added to your library for pennies on the dollar
  • Improved passage guides, word study guides, exegetical guides, reports, and search results
  • Powerful new tools, features, databases, and more
  • Syncing between home, office, mobile devices, and the web
  • The free Personal Books tool
  • An interest-free payment plan to help stay within your budget

When you upgrade to Logos 4, you can take advantage of having your library syncing across multiple platforms. Whether you are using a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, or any device with internet access, your resources are available wherever you are.

Logos 4 Users—Upgrade to a Higher Base Package!

This applies to Logos 4 users as well. If you have considered moving to a higher base package, time is almost up to save money on your upgrade!

If you act now, you can still save up to $630.00. Think about it, no matter which package you upgrade to, you are going to pay considerably less when you upgrade by September 30, 2011! And remember, the higher you upgrade, the deeper your discount.

In many instances, upgrading to the next level costs less than if you were to add just one or two of the individual collections you would get while upgrading. This is by far the most cost effective way to get more books.

Check out your personalized upgrade discount now!

Don’t Forget Our Payment Plans

Spread your upgrade payments out for up to 12 months with our interest-free payment plans.  If you are a student, a parent, or a pastor with a monthly book budget, payment plans can help you take advantage of our upgrade discounts while keeping your payments low.

Check out the what discounts are available to you now, then apply a payment plan at checkout to see how low your payments could be!

We don’t want you to regret letting this moment slip by. Compare contents and discounts side by side and get the one that’s right for you! If we can help answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 875-6467 or (360) 527-1700. Just call us before the current deals expire!

Upgrade or Call Now!

The easiest way to get your discount is to upgrade on, but if you’d prefer to call, don’t wait until the last moment to phone in. We expect a very high call volume over the next two days. Either way, take advantage of this special offer today!