Give Us Your Feedback with the Logos User Survey!

One of the best ways to create excellent software is to listen to your users. In fact, it is our conviction that customer feedback continues to make Logos Bible Software even better.

There are a number of channels to communicate with Logos. You can leave comments on the blog, email us at, comment in the forums, our Facebook page, or contact us via Twitter (and this is just the tip of the iceberg).

Not only do we thrive on your feedback, we find it beneficial to know more about you. Are you a church leader, pastor, student? How often do you use Logos Bible Software? What are your favorite periodicals? Do you own a Kindle? These kinds of questions are invaluable to us as we consider future directions and technologies.

We encourage you to visit our user survey and help us serve you better.

Simply answer the questions you are comfortable answering and skip any questions which are not applicable. You can leave the survey at any time and come back to it later to pick up where you left off.

The more data you can give us, the better position we are in to offer the products and services which will serve you best. So get started on the Logos user survey now!


  1. The survey might have included an opportunity for further comment/input. Mine would be a suggestion to enhance the Prayer List feature on LOGOS. My lists are probably more extensive than most & have been developed over many years. The response when checking them off is quite delayed even though I’ve divided them into several lists. Some ability for color coding would be awesome. Also, if a day is missed, it would be great if the items automatically moved to their next date rather than piling up on the following day.

  2. I really enjoy my Logos 4 software, but would really appreciate a back button. Does it exist in this software?? Also, are there any books in the Library that deal with cults and the occult?? Are any available for purchase??

    • Jayson Bradley says:

      Thanks for your questions. The forum is a great place to get your questions answered fast. I entered “back button” into the search bar on in the forum and came up with this helpful thread. I also did a search on Logos for the words cults and occult for you. I hope this is helpful.


  3. Novell Deloatch says:

    I would like to be able to set up my desktop and give that desktop a title, in which as I progress in my study the title would keep track of my progress. This would allow me to stop after a time in one study and to pick right where I left off in a previous study, by just simply clicking on the title that was given to it.

  4. Novell Deloatch says:

    To set up my desktop and for my progress to be keep track of under the title given to that desktop.

  5. I have downloaded Logos to my Droid3 phone. I cannot locate the NIV translation as an available bible.

  6. richard dill says:

    I have three questions as a new user:
    1. May I name my highlights? For example, I would like to mark everythingthing related to the rapture in blue -so I would like to name the blue highlight “Rapture”.

    2. Jonathan Welton says that the greek NT indicates Paul was quoting from a letter from the church at Corinth in I Cor 14:34. I.e., Paul did not say “Let your women be silent…”, but rather the church (or the author if the letter Paul is responding to) said it (and then Paul replies in a bit of a scolding way).

    I would like to research this, but can’t see how to do it

    3. Is there no way to “pop in” a new Column (not a tab, but a column)?

    Richard Dill

  7. LegendsOfBatman says:

    I have to agree that the survey really did not ask the correct types of questions; therefore I “second” Jim Dennis’ point, that many of the books are not really of value. Many are simply copyright free, ie, not very expensive at all, or free.
    The other thing about Logos is how complicated it is to use. This can be seen by the many tutorial videos and the Morris Proctor seminars to teach people how to use the software, to it’s fullest extent.
    The radical differences between 3 and 4 make 4 less desirable to me.
    But it seems the survey was more about statistical information, rather than about improving the program.