Logos 4: Field Search in Wuest’s Word Studies

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars and provides many training materials.

mp|seminars TipsYears ago one of my favorite resources in print was Wuest’s Word Studies in the Greek New Testament. This four-volume set included Kenneth Wuest’s translation of the NT, commentaries on some NT books, and numerous short articles on various passages and Greek words. Wuest’s goal was to put the Greek language into the hands of the everyday English student of the Bible. His insights into Greek words were wonderful if you could ever find them. The indexing system for the set was not the greatest.

In Logos you can easily access his translation and commentaries. But what about all those articles about Greek words? Here’s a little searching trick that will help:

  • Either create a Collection for Wuest’s Word Studies or just open the book on the screen
  • Click the Search icon
  • Select Basic as the search type (1)
  • Select Wuest’s Word Studies from the drop down list where you select the book(s) to be searched (2)(3)
  • Click the first drop list which usually says All Text (4)
  • Click the arrow next to Search Fields (5)
  • Click the box Large Text (6)

Logos 4: Field Search (Wuest #1)

Logos 4: Field Search (Wuest #2)

Here’s what you have just done. Logos calls the headings of Wuest’s articles, Large Text. You set up a field search indicating you do not want to search all of the text in the resource just the field Large Text!

  • Type temple in the Find box
  • Press the Enter key

You just searched the Large Text field for the word temple. Logos finds an article entitled Temple. Click the link and you are now reading about two Greek words both translated temple in the NT! Try the same search for love, grace, world, etc.! Enjoy the riches of Wuest’s insights into the Greek language.

Logos 4: Field Search (Wuest #3)

Let us know, what percentage of your study time is spent studying Greek?


  1. I spend no time studying Greek because when in seminary, translating from the original languages, I saw that my own translations and studies were never correct if I thought I found something interesting or accurate that was not in the available English translations. I don’t think it is useful for my congregation to hear amateur translations when we have so many great scholars who actually do know what they are doing. I consult several translations and up to eight commentaries for each sermon. There are only three reasons that I can see a person would spend a lot of time on the original languages: intending to be a professional translator, personal satisfaction, to be able to brag about the Greek the person knows.

  2. Jerry Schrick says

    I tried to follow the instructions for searching in Wuest’s Word Studies, but my search panel does not look like the one on the tutorial. I have Logos 4, but I’m wondering if I have the latest version. Can you tell me how to find out?

  3. I find it helpful to search Wuest along with similar resources. My personal preference is to make a collection called “Theological Dictionaries” and search them all at once. My collection rule looks like this:

    (title:”theological dictionary” ANDNOT title:abridged) OR (author:wuest AND title:studies)

  4. Alan Blanchard says

    I so apologize if this a repeat question but it’s driving me nuts and I need it sooner than later. I am in a book from my library and have highlighted and colorfully marked it up, just a small portion :)….but would like to now either print it out or copy it somewhere where I can print it out. Could you please help me out? Thanks so much!!

  5. david kelsall says

    Wow Lynn Hansen! That was a bit of a vinegary response! I started looking at NT Greek after I found a Key Word study Bible in the lounge of the rehab I work in. I must say, I believe it was no coincidence, and using that and a Wuest book God has REALLY opened my eyes and the Bible has just blossomed up in front of me. It’s been absolutely marvellous, and at the moment I still find it one of my favourite ways to get more out of the Word than plain reading; the revelations just keep on coming and it has enabled me to teach so many others on topics I knew very little about on my own, 9 months ago (and, by the way *they* come to *me* – I don’t go around bragging and rarely specifically mention Greek words. By God’s grace, people are getting fed. I continue to be daily astonished and grateful for it, because the natural me had such a horrible lack of compassion or warmth: I over-thought everything and was so clinical in my mind and heart. Has someone upset you with their boasting, Lynn? God bless, David.