Logos’ New Catholic Product Manager: Andrew Jones

Andrew JonesLogos has launched an initiative to increase our Catholic resources. As a part of this project, I’ve been brought on board as the Catholic Product Manager. Being a medieval historian by training, I have a prejudice (a delightful one, I think) towards ancient things. My ambition, however, is to work in what Pope John Paul II called the New Evangelization by bringing the traditional into dialogue with the contemporary. Logos products offer such an amazing opportunity to combine the venerable with the cutting edge, and I’m very excited about it!

Logos already offers significant resources of interest to Catholics and to those interested in understanding Catholicism, but there will be many more coming soon, including Catholic-oriented packages. These packages will bring together the full functionality of Logos 4 with Catholic Bibles, magisterial documents, as well as exegetical and theological works.

The rich Catholic tradition, with its intricate interplay of Scripture, liturgy, law, and theology is profoundly suited for study on the Logos platform. As the Second Vatican Council made clear, Catholics understand the Scripture as embedded in a living tradition, its meaning being revealed in history and the life of the Church. As we add resources from that tradition to Logos, the Bible—as understood by Catholics—will open up in a way only Logos software can make possible. I find this very exciting!

What’s more, Logos’ extensive collection of resources (almost 14,000 at last count)—from a wide variety of Christian traditions—makes a truly comparative study of Scripture possible.

It is my hope that by integrating more Catholic works into the Logos library these traditions and Catholicism might find a bridge to understanding in the Word of God itself.

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Ad majorem Dei gloriam
Andrew Jones

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  1. Marco Foti says

    receive a resounding WELCOME! from me.
    I was expecting from long time initiatives for catholic users from Logos! This is a nice answer to my expectations, indeed. I hope to discover new and interesting resources for my studies on the Word.
    A warm salutation (I should say “hot”: it’s 30 degrees, now) from Rome (very catholic as location, isn’t it?)!

  2. Br. David OSB says

    This is WONDERFUL news! Truly wonderful! Hopefully this will help get the Logos software out into the Catholic world more. It’s a remarkable tool, but almost unheard of by fellow Catholic students, professors, scholars, etc.

  3. William Middleton says

    Greetings Andrew!

    I am glad to welcome you and Logos to this new frontier. As a new convert from being a Protestant Reverend to Catholicism, I have through the years building my logos library but in reflection with the proestant faith. Here lately I have been adding books about catholicism ect but this can become quite expensive. Hopefully, with this new frontier adventure you are embracing, We will be able to look forward to some great values in Catholic packages we can add to our already developed librairies. This is a true Blessing. Once again, welcome Andrew and Welcome Logos to this new frontier and may God Bless this adventure abundantly.

  4. (Fr.) Tony Warwarek says

    Welcome aboard Andrew. Your appointment has confirmed one direction of expansion into Catholic Resources that Logos has slowly been doing over the last couple of years. As you would know, Catholic biblical scholarship is right up there and has been for some time. You might consider the follow up volume of “Post-Vatican II Documents” and theologians like Karl Rahner’s “Theological Investigations”. The other area is Eastern Catholicism which very few people, including Roman Catholics, know very little about. Finally, some material from Orthodox authors such as Schmemann, Meyendorff and Timothy Ware, along with works such as the “Philokalia” would round off the broader story of Christian biblical and theological traditions. All the best. Tony.

    • (Fr) Neville says

      A great step forward towards providing an access to a full spectrum of biblical and theological resources. The incorporation of Orthodox writings would be the next logical step if this is to be achieved. All the best Tony in your working towards helping to make this important step with Logos already great system

  5. Welcome Andrew! I look forward to seeing more Catholic titles like the Catechism and Ignatius Study Bible! I also hope to see all Catholic titles available on the iPhone. God Bless!

  6. John Joyce says

    I would just like to point out you have my dream job! Watch your back…
    A very warm welcome to you. Am looking forward to Jerome Commentary and CCC next week for starters!

  7. Max Guthery says

    Wow, I wrote a less than positive comment last night and they removed it along with other persons who wrote any negative comments. I wrote nothing against Andrew, just noted some fears of the direction of LOGOS. I appreciated the call from Bob P., in fact I was rather impressed that he took (I’m sure) valuable time to share with me… Thank You Bob!

  8. Chaplain Phil Kohlmeyer says

    Welcome Andrew. I’m Lutheran and have been looking for and buying some of the relatively few Roman Catholic logos resources to enable me to be currently and better informed on other Biblical and theological views. I see this as a positive development for Logos and Logos users.

  9. Tim Lord says

    Andrew, welcome aboard. We look forward to seeing the fruit of your efforts to bring worthwhile titles into the Logos Bible Software family of resources. Thank you and best wishes!

  10. the Rev. Robert Boudewyns says

    Andrew, welcome!

    I am a retired Lutheran pastor, but also formerly a Trappist monk from New Melleray Abbey, Dubuque, Iowa and a baptized Catholic. I have many of the Catholic resources offered by Logos, including the monastic ones: Rule of Benedict, for example. I welcome your presence on the Logos staff and ask God to guide you. Oremus pro invicem.

  11. Just getting to this after travels, congrats toAndrew and Logos for this move. Makes a ton of sense to me. Looking forward to the materials that this will bring to the front of discussions – hopefully over the emotions that have already come to the surface.

    • Bill Fitzgerald says

      At last! I’ve noted some Catholic resources recently and I prayed for more. I’ve already purchased some. This is exciting news and I look forward to your great success toward Ecumenism. AMDG

  12. John Vignol says

    The writings of John Tracy Ellis, American Catholic historian, would be a great addition. Also: New Collegeville Commentary; Augustine through the Ages; Encyclopedia of American Catholic History; New Catholic Encyclopedia 2nd ed.

  13. noahdoah says

    This is great news. congrats Andrew and the Logos team for bringing a Christian from the catholic faith on-board. It will widen your perspective greatly. As a convert after 31 years in evangelicalism, I can tell you you won’t be sorry God bless

  14. Samuel Green says

    Welcome Andrew!

    As a a convert to the Catholic Church, I’d built my library of Protestant resources, I’ll be happy to add Catholic resources to the list!

    Thank you!