Logos 4: Clear Your Desktop with One Click

mp|seminars TipsLast Monday’s blog, “Quickly Clean Up a Messy Desktop,” generated some good discussion. One particular comment, given by a Mr. Joe Bella, gave another user a tip for clearing their screen using the Close all command.

We give many tips and shortcuts throughout Camp Logos and in the Camp Logos LIVE DVDs, and this is one of those tips!

There will be times when you are using Logos 4 that you’ll want to clear all of the open resources, tools, and guides that are open on your screen. You can either close each panel individually or use a shortcut:

  • In the Command box, type close all

If you press Enter, the screen will clear. But what if you wanted that command on your Shortcuts bar?

  • Type close all in the Command box (do not press Enter) (See image 1.)
  • Click and drag the Close all command to your Shortcuts bar (See image 2.)

Image 1:

Close-All Toolbar

Image 2:

Close-All Toolbar

You’ll now see a Close all icon on your Shortcuts bar. Whenever you want to clear your screen, just click the icon!

Close-All Toolbar

Do you use your Shortcuts toolbar? If yes, what are some of your favorite shortcuts? Let us know by leaving us a comment.


  1. Phil Armstrong says

    It would be nice if on the toolbar, it showed the other Logos windows (resources) that you have open (like a browser that shows you the other windows that are open).


  2. Bruce Fraser says

    I think this the same as the keyboard shortcut. I much prefer the keyboard to the mouse; it’s much faster.

    • Bruce Fraser says

      I guess cut-and-paste doesn’t work with this board.

      That should have read ” keyboard shortcut.”

      • Bruce Fraser says

        Let’s try again. This system really doesn’t like unusual characters (I was trying to enclose the shortcut in the characters above the comma and period).

        This command is the same as Ctrl-Shift-W.