Read Beth Moore’s The Beloved Disciple for Free!

This week (May 15–May 21, 2011) Logos Bible Software is featuring Beth Moore’s The Beloved Disciple: Following John to the Heart of Jesus on This means that through the end of this week, you can read The Beloved Disciple in its entirety!

Are you looking to grow your faith as you increase your understanding of God’s love? Let popular author Beth Moore encourage and edify you with lessons culled from the life of the apostle John. Follow John all the way from the thick of Jesus’ ministry to witnessing His death and resurrection. Experience John’s exile to Patmos and the wisdom of Revelation. Moore has mined the depths of John’s life and—in The Beloved Disciple—brings forth gem after gem of comfort and conviction.

How do I get the free preview?

Free book previews are featured in our free iPhone app.


  • Download the free Logos Bible Software iPhone app.
  • Sign in or create a free account.
  • Enjoy your Free Book Preview!

If you have another mobile device with web access, simply head to and follow the directions to check out Beth Moore’s The Beloved Disciple.

If you have a friend or relative with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch let them know how they can read The Beloved Disciple this week for free! And be sure to check out to see what previews are coming up.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you books would like to see previewed.


  1. Eric Thompson says

    I don’t necessarily have a book to recommend, but will use the opportunity to strongly encourage you in the development of an Android app!!


  2. John L Harris Sr says

    How do I download the book if I do not have a phone app?

  3. Pete Burrill says is for cell phones/mobile browsers, what if you don’t have one?

    • Jayson Bradley says


      I am actually on right now on my desktop. Just make sure you are logged in under your account. Let me know if you are still having trouble.

  4. Pete Burrill says

    This is the message I get:


    Welcome to

    This site was designed for use on mobile devices as an alternative to Logos for iPhone. It looks like you’re visiting on a desktop browser. Feel free to poke around, but parts of the site may not behave as expected. Try coming back on a cell phone!

    When I search I only get results from my own library so I must be doing something wrong. I give up.


    • Alan Tullis says

      Go to the site and click the book icon and then type ‘beloved’ and a list will come up with the book. Click the book and enjoy.

      • Pam Walter says

        Alan, or Pete,, I am trying to read the book from my laptop,, I am on the library but I don’t know what book icon you are talking about can you help more?

  5. I’d like to preview Cranfield’s 2 volume International Critical Commentary on Romans.

  6. jane crum says

    I attempted to access Beth Moore’s book on but all I was able to access by Utley’s book on John. I typed in “beloved” but that was all that came up. Please help. Thanks much.

    • Jayson Bradley says


      Thanks for your question! The preview for Beth Moore’s The Beloved Disciple ended Saturday, May 21. You can check out to see what book is currently being previewed (as well as what books are coming up).