Enjoy a Free Preview of R. C. Sproul’s John

This week (May 5–May 7, 2011) Logos will be partnering with Ligonier Ministries to offer a free preview of R. C. Sproul’s John. In John, the second volume in the St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary series, Sproul deals with the major themes of John’s Gospel with profound insight. Not only does he give perspective into the cultural context and background of John’s Gospel, he also communicates John’s goals for his message, as well as clearly explaining some of its more difficult passages. In addition to being the fruit of a lifetime of scriptural study, John comes from Sproul’s preaching ministry at St. Andrew’s in Sanford, Florida. The St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary series adapts Sproul’s sermons for a wider audience. Each of John’s fifty-seven chapters began as a St. Andrews sermon, and as you follow Sproul through John’s Gospel you will be enriched and inspired to a greater depth of devotion to Christ.

Other great Ligonier titles available from Logos Bible Software!

Reformation Trust Collection (35 vols.)

R. C. Sproul’s John can be purchased individually, but it is also part of the Reformation Trust Collection (35 vols.)! With the Reformation Trust Collection (35 vols.) you get thirty-five of Reformation Trust’s best works from some of today’s top Christian thinkers. And right now, the Reformation Trust Collection is available on Pre-Pub. This means you can get those thirty-five volumes at 46% off the retail price! That’s not even $8 a book!

Tabletalk (Jan. 1989–Jan. 2011) (265 Issues)

Tabletalk (Jan. 1989–Jan. 2011) (265 Issues) is collection of Ligonier’s time-tested devotional magazine. Don’t let the word “devotional” fool you however, one look at the list of contributers and you will see that this magazine is full of material to both instruct and inspire. Tabletalk can be found in seminary libraries and churches all over the country. When you purchase Tabletalk (Jan. 1989–Jan. 2011) (265 Issues) on Pre-Pub from Logos Bible Software, you get 22 years worth of the magazine that Ravi Zacharias says, “has been a wonderful resource in my own daily walk with the Lord.” That’s 265 issues of Tabletalk for less than $1.40 an issue.

How do I get the free preview?

Free book previews are a feature available in our free iPhone app.


  • Download the free Logos Bible Software iPhone app.
  • Sign in or Create a free Logos.com account.
  • Enjoy your Free Book Preview!

If you have another mobile device with web access, simply head to FreeBookPreview.com and follow the directions to check out R. C. Sproul’s John.

Leave us a comment and let us know which previews you would like to see.


  1. Irving Salzman says

    Can those of us without a smart phone get a free preview as well? How about the old-fashioned desktop computer browser way?

    • Jayson Bradley says


      Try library.logos.com. You will have to sign in with your account but the preview should be available!


  2. Perhaps I am missing the point too. I can go to Amazon and get a free Kindle preview, or buy the book for $7.99.

    And I have the free Kindle App for iPhone, or iPod Touch, or iPad, or Mac, or PC…


    • Jayson Bradley says

      Our free book preview allows you to preview a book in its entirety.

  3. Jane Willeman says

    library.logos.com takes me to a phone only, it knew I was trying to sneak in on a computer. I didn’t see any place to sign in. It did bring up my library and I could read from them. I really like Sproul and would love to preview this book.

    • Jayson Bradley says

      I am not sure what you mean that it takes you to a phone. There is a message on the site that says,

      “This site was designed for use on mobile devices as an alternative to Logos for iPhone. It looks like you’re visiting on a desktop browser. Feel free to poke around, but parts of the site may not behave as expected. Try coming back on a cell phone!”

      But you can still access it from a desktop. Check out my response to R Jason above! Thanks Jane!

  4. I noticed that some have Blackberry and Android & of course iPhone but what if you don’t have neither of them? I use Logos Platinum but no previews…

  5. R Jason says

    I tried both Biblia.com and library.logos.com, and didn’t have any luck with either of those websites regarding getting access to the free preview. If someone has accessed the preview on a PC, please provide a link &/or more detailed instructions. Thanks.

  6. Jane Willeman says

    Thank you Jayson the here url worked. I have been reading, reading, reading and loving it all. Bless you.

  7. Thanks Jayson, that worked. I knew that someone with the name Jayson could help me, even if he does spell his name a little funny ;-)