Download a Free Czech Bible!

Do you read Czech? Or do you know someone who does?

We are excited to announce that Logos has recently released the Český Studijní Překlad (Czech Study Bible). The biblical text of the Czech Study Bible is easier to understand while maintaining the rich vocabulary and style of past translations. The translators of the Czech Study Bible have worked hard to translate the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts for increased accuracy. Filled with thousands of study notes and cross references, the Czech Study Bible will help increase the depth and breadth of passages you are studying. So pick up your free Czech Study Bible today!

Then consider adding another Czech resource to your library!

Logos also has the Czech Bible: 21st Century Edition available on Pre-Pub. This resource is translated into contemporary Czech, offering clarity and understanding as you read and study the Bible. This resource is currently the best modern Czech translation of the entire Bible. Order this new translation today on Pre-Pub and get it for only $19.95.

Here’s how to add the Czech Study Bible to your library for free:

If you have Logos 4, adding resources to your library is easy.
Go the product page. Click Add to Cart (or simply add it straight to your cart from here). Proceed through the checkout process and click “Submit Order.”

If you don’t have a credit card on file, you will still need to enter your credit card information. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged anything! It’s the only way to finish the checkout process in our current system.

In Logos 4, type “Update Now” into the Command Bar. The Logos icon will appear in your system tray while it begins downloading your new resources. When it’s finished, you’ll be asked to restart Logos 4.

After you restart Logos 4, you’ll be able to access your new Czech Study Bible. You will also be able to access it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPhone Touch on the Logos Bible Software app or!

If you’re not a Logos 4 user yet, be sure to visit the custom upgrade discount calculator to see what discounts you qualify for on an upgrade to a brand new Logos 4 base package.

Leave us a comment and tell us how you intend to use your Czech Bible!


  1. How about a Romanian version? The Cornilescu version is widely available on the Internet and it is not under copyright. It is the translation of choice for the evangelicals in Romania. There is also an othodox version available.

  2. Vaclav Janca says

    Just to clarify:
    The B21 is definitely not a “close to a word-for-word translation” – that would be the Czech Study Bible. The B21 is intended to be very readable, for public reading and for people previously unfamiliar with Bible. It is therefore rather looser translation. Both texts have their own place and use.
    Please consider editing the post to better describe each translation.
    Thank you for making these available!

    Also, for everyone interested, there will be a reverse-interlinear Czech study Bible in the future. It will take time, but it’s gonna be great!


  3. Jayson Bradley says

    Thanks for the clarification Vaclav! I have made some changes to the post.

  4. It would be helpful to have a Turkish Translation of the Bible on Logos.

  5. I would like to purchase a Bible in the Czech language please. A good leather bound one , is my preference.