Don’t Miss Out on the Welwyn Commentary Series!

It’s getting close! The Welwyn Commentary Series (WCS) (49 vols.)—one of the best commentaries made for preachers and teachers—has almost reached the Pre-Pub finish line.

With authors such as Derek Prime, Derek Thomas, Michael Bentley, Roger Ellsworth, Richard Brooks, and more, this collection is brimming with solid Reformed theology from experienced pastors and Bible teachers.

How useful are these commentaries? Check out these endorsements we just added to our product page:

The Book of Origins: Genesis Simply Explained

“The book is easy to follow, while at the same time being packed with solid teaching, especially biblical theology and sound application. It must have taken a great deal of toil to distill this much instruction into this volume.”
Journal of Dispensational Theology

The Beauty of Holiness: Leviticus Simply Explained

The Beauty of Holiness is laid out quite helpfully in thirty-three very manageable sections, dealing mostly with self-contained units in the text of Leviticus. This arrangement will certainly prove useful for the preacher or teacher who undertakes an exposition of the book of Leviticus, giving him insight into how the text is naturally structured, and how it might best be broken down and headed for maximum clarity. It is also a well-adapted structure for the devotional reader at home: indeed, I can think of few better strategies for a month or so of devotional reading than to read every day one of the suggested portions of Leviticus, together with the corresponding chapter from Eveson. This is not just a commentary for clergy and theologians. It was designed for the everyday Christian who is hungering to know more of the person and work of Christ, the way in which to receive his grace, and the nature of our obligations to him.”
—Nathan Pitchford on

A House of Prayer: The Message of 2 Chronicles

“This eminently helpful commentary opens up this often neglected book, and points out the emphases that make this history distinctive from the history recorded in Kings. Most importantly it continually points us to Christ, the fulfillment of the temple with which 2 Chronicles opens; and teaches us how to understand much of the Old Testament’s history and how it relates to Christ.”
—Mark Loughridge, Pastor, Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland

The Lamb is all the Glory: Revelation

“Richard Brooks comes afresh to the message of Revelation with a warm, pastoral exposition that feeds the heart as well as the mind of the reader. As with all the Welwyn Commentaries, this volume is practical, clearly written, and easy to understand. Above all, it points us to the glorious victory that awaits all those who faithfully follow the Lamb of God.”
—Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

With the Pre-Pub price at $299.95, you’ll be getting each of the 49 volumes for just over $6 a piece! Take advantage of this awesome Pre-Pub special now, and take your sermon prep and Bible study to the next level with the Welwyn Commentary Series (WCS) (49 vols.).

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