Logos 4: Display Basic Search Results Differently

mp|seminars TipsToday’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos
training seminars.

With the recent release of Logos 4.2a comes different ways to display Basic Search results. Here’s how:

Generate a Basic Search and select:

  • Ranked – to arrange the search results in order of relevance determined mainly (but not exclusively) by the number of hits compared to the total number of words in the article in which the hits were found .
  • By Title – to sort the search hits alphabetically by the name of the book then sequentially by chapter or article.
  • By Count – to display the search results in descending order according to the total number of occurrences in each resource.

Personally, I prefer viewing the results By Title because I like looking through a list books to locate just the specific results I need.


  1. Leif R. Sommerseth says

    “Generate a Basic Search and select:”

    OK, but where do I find “select”?

    I clicked “Search”, the magnify glass icon between “Library” and “File”.
    Then in “Find” I typed “Jerusalem”, but there was no “select” option…

    … not before I took a look at “Library Results”.
    There I found “Ranked/By Title/By Count”

    Perhaps the text should be corrected to: “Generate a Basic Search, click “Library Results” and select…”

    By the way, I agree in prefering “By Title”…