Discover the Godly Women’s Collection

We’ve received some honest feedback on why only 7% of Logos users are female. While thinking about how to address this statistic, we’ve come up with some exciting ideas for this year! One way we’re starting off is by offering a special collection of titles focused specifically on women.

The Godly Women’s Collection (14 vols.) appeals to anyone interested in discovering old and new perspectives of the role of women in the church, involved in various women’s ministry, and curious about what the Bible says about being a godly woman.

This collection brings together fourteen diverse titles that address various topics and concerns related to women. Authors such as Elizabeth George, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, John MacArthur, Nancy Wilson and many others (both male and female) discuss becoming a godly woman by addressing a variety of areas like:

  • Women in the Bible
  • Complementarian and egalitarian views on women in the church
  • Troubles that women often face
  • Creating a women’s ministry
  • Motherhood
  • Many more!

This collection is a great way to discover a variety of opinions on the role of women in the church, gain insight on related topics, and learn practical Scriptural ways to address these issues.

We would love your feedback! How can Logos better serve women in the church? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.


  1. Eldena Colon says:

    I love working with Logos – my wish list would include tools that would enable me to provide a Children’s bulletin based on my sermon, or my husband’s sermon. In other words, some puzzles, word games, even coloring sketches for little ones, that would be keyed to topics or Bible passages. Your “handout” in the Windows version has one word game like this – I’d like to see it expanded with more options, and available on Logos 4 Mac too.

  2. Elsie Montgomery says:

    Logos is great for devotions, reading, study, and lesson preparation. I would not use the women’s series for several reasons, mostly because the women in our church are more interested in using their gifts and serving than they are in “women’s issues” and debate. Keep offering practical tools. I’m not convinced they need to be gender specific.