Camp Logos Live Video Series—Last Chance to Pre-Order!

Camp Logos is now available as a video series! If you can’t attend Camp Logos, or perhaps you’ve already attended and you need a refresher, then Camp Logos Live is for you.

For over thirteen years, tens of thousands of Logos users have attended Camp Logos, a 2-day training event hosted by Morris Proctor. From basic features to advanced tools, Camp Logos helps you hone your use of Logos, taking your Bible study to a whole new level. Even if you’re an advanced power user, you’ll come away with new insights, tips, tricks, and tools for using Logos more effectively.

Now, Camp Logos Live brings Camp Logos to you! This 2-disc set takes Morris Proctor’s training from his seminars straight into your home. That means you can essentially attend Camp Logos from your home or office.

The Pre-Pub discount ends on Monday, so this is your last chance to get Camp Logos Live at the current price—pre-order it now!


  1. Charlie Nason says:

    Is this material from camp logos 1 or 2 or both? If I have attended camp logos 1 (twice once as libronix 3 and once as logos 4) is there a discount if it is the same material?

    Does the material cover the new diagramming app?

    • RamboPreacher says:

      After going through this course, I can tell you it is only camp 1. there is mention of “that being covered in camp2” several times and thus my question (FB, above here) about availability of a camp2 version or if the Logos Academic training is camp2 equivalent.