5 Features of the International Standard Version: Now on Pre-Pub

ISVWe are pleased to announce that The International Standard Version (ISV) is now available on Pre-Pub! Don’t look for a print version, the ISV was created with a digital format in mind, making it an ideal addition to your Logos library.

The ISV strives for both accuracy and excellence in communication by providing a translation that is “literal-idiomatic.” By seeking a balance between formal and functional equivalence, the ISV attempts to stay as close to the source text as possible without losing its ability to communicate.

What features you expect from the ISV?

  1. Trustworthiness: The ISV is a translation from the original languages of the Scriptures, not a revision of another English translation. Translation was done by world-class biblical scholars that are identified by their name and credentials. From the start, you know that you can trust the ISV to convey the original intent of the Scriptures.
  2. Footnotes: Discover insights into the background and meaning of the Biblical text with thousands of detailed footnotes.
  3. Readability: The English used in the ISV is elegant, easy to follow, and avoids slang and national colloquialisms. Translators from both the United States and other English-speaking countries were consulted so even if English is your second language, the clear and natural English is easily readable. The text is written in a way that flows and can be understood and applied to readers of all generations.
  4. Sensitivity: The ISV gives special care and understanding to poetic and literary forms in the original languages of the Scriptures. Poetic passages appear in true poetic form in the ISV so that readers get the passage in its original literary form. The ISV also adjusts the English language translation to best reflect the nature of parallel passages
  5. Digital: The Logos edition includes all footnotes and cross-links to Strong’s numbers. The ISV integrates with all other Logos Bible study features. For example, take advantage of reading plans where you can choose the length of time to finish your specific reading.

Order the The International Standard Version on Pre-Pub today and get it for only $14.95.

Leave us a note and let us know which translation is your favorite.


  1. Your last link “Leave us a note and let us know…….” links to a 404 page not found error if you click from the blog.

    But just ’cause you asked, my regular Bible is the NASB. If there’s an issue, I refer to the KJV.


  2. Dale Winters says

    If our base package has already has the ISV (that is the old NT only one) will we get this as a free update?

  3. I was a NASB man for about six years because it is such a literal translation, but recently switched to ESV bc it is very close in literallness (is that even a word?) But I’ve realized I can read more faster with greater comprehension. I really like to check out passages in the NLT as well, but I just don’t trust it as much.

  4. I have used the NASB since 1978. I also use the ESV.

  5. NASB…..Does the Pre-Pub ISV have the OT as well?
    We already have the ISV in the Logos Library.

  6. Jim Smith says

    I am currently a student attending Laurel University, formerly known as John Wesley College.
    The main translation I use is NIV 1984, however in the last two years or so I have become quite fond of HCSB, I especially like how the text properly handles the name of God throughout the Old and New Testament.

  7. I love the Holman Standard am not a fan of niv at all I enjoy the ESV and NKJV I looked over the ISV and am not a big fan of it right now I may check it out some more I would suggest you check it out before you buy you may love it