Robert J. Morgan Endorses The I-Beam of Message Building

I-Beam of Message BuildingWe received this endorsement of Morris Proctor’s The I-Beam of Message Building from best-selling author and pastor of The Donelson Fellowship in Nashville, TN, Robert J. Morgan. We just had to share it:

Being a good preacher is like being a NFL quarterback, only harder. On any given Sunday, a quarterback has to complete an efficient pass to an alert receiver. But a preacher has to first construct the football; then he has to deliver the thing to receivers who may not be paying attention (maybe because they’re thinking about the Big Game).I’ve been listening to preaching for 59 years and trying to do it for about 40 years; and on any given Sunday I’m likely to get shaken up on the play. But I do believe with all my heart that God’s Word is sufficient for every human need; and that it is best preached expositionally.Like all of us, I just need some occasional coaching.

I’m glad to recommend Moe to everyone who stands behind the pulpit, or who doesn’t use a pulpit at all. Whether we’re rookies or pros, whether we’re in robes, suits, or jeans, whether we’re traditional or contemporary, we can benefit from huddling with Moe long enough to learn about I-Beam. You and your church will be thankful, on any given Sunday.

Robert is spot on in his assessment of Morris’ ability to train and inspire anyone who shares God’s Word. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the pulpit or classroom or you are a seasoned veteran. There is something in The I-Beam of Message Building for everyone.

This 3-volume video DVD series—with corresponding 121-page workbook—is going to help you:

  • Identify the main idea in passage of Scripture
  • Organize numerous biblical insights into a targeted message
  • Deliver a biblical message without sounding like a history lesson
  • Capture your listeners’ attention in the first 30 seconds of your message
  • Uncover real needs in your hearers
  • Customize your message for the specific needs of your listeners
  • Utilize the human personality’s ability to processes information
  • Motivate your audience to apply the Bible

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch this brief video and let Morris tell you how he can train you to incorporate all of these skills (along with many others) into your communication of God’s Word.

Morris has taken years of pastoral experience, as well communication tools gleaned from being the certified and authorized trainer of Logos Bible Software, and distilled them into this remarkable series. If you teach or preach in any venue, you can not help but benefit from this resource.

Act quickly, The I-Beam of Message Building is currently under development and shipping soon. You’ll want to take advantage of the Pre-Pub price while you still can.

Have you had a chance to hear Morris at one of the Camp Logos seminar? Tell us about how it helped you.