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Robert J. Morgan Endorses The I-Beam of Message Building

I-Beam of Message BuildingWe received this endorsement of Morris Proctor’s The I-Beam of Message Building from best-selling author and pastor of The Donelson Fellowship in Nashville, TN, Robert J. Morgan. We just had to share it:

Being a good preacher is like being a NFL quarterback, only harder. On any given Sunday, a quarterback has to complete an efficient pass to an alert receiver. But a preacher has to first construct the football; then he has to deliver the thing to receivers who may not be paying attention (maybe because they’re thinking about the Big Game).I’ve been listening to preaching for 59 years and trying to do it for about 40 years; and on any given Sunday I’m likely to get shaken up on the play. But I do believe with all my heart that God’s Word is sufficient for every human need; and that it is best preached expositionally.Like all of us, I just need some occasional coaching.

I’m glad to recommend Moe to everyone who stands behind the pulpit, or who doesn’t use a pulpit at all. Whether we’re rookies or pros, whether we’re in robes, suits, or jeans, whether we’re traditional or contemporary, we can benefit from huddling with Moe long enough to learn about I-Beam. You and your church will be thankful, on any given Sunday.

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March Madness Voting Starts Today

March MadnessLogos March Madness is here! The polls are open and it’s time to vote for your favorite titles.

We’ve picked 64 titles and divided them into four divisions. Each round, you vote for your favorite titles in each division in hopes they advance to the next round. In Round 1, you vote for your favorite 8 titles in each division. The full voting schedule is as follows:

  • Round 1: March 17-19
  • Round 2: March 20-22
  • Sweet Sixteen: March 23-25
  • Elite 8: March 26-28
  • Final 4: March 29-31
  • Championship: April 1-3

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What About the Theological Lexicon of the New Testament (TLNT)?

Lexicons are some of the most helpful tools in one’s study, particularly when striving to understand how a word or phrase was originally used, and what it might’ve originally meant in a given context.

For Greek lexicons, most folks will say you need BDAG. And you do, it really is the first place you should go when looking deeper into words found in the Greek New Testament. But there are other lexicons too. One that is an excellent supplementary lexicon is Ceslas Spicq’s Theological Lexicon of the New Testament (TLNT), translated (from the original French into English) by James D. Ernest. The TLNT is not exhaustive (it does not treat every word found in the Greek NT), but its entries are helpful and substantive.
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Announcing Evangelical Exegetical Commentary Payment Plans

Evangelical Exegetical Commentary

A few months ago, we announced that work had begun on the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary—a groundbreaking 44-volume commentary on the entire Bible published by Logos Bible Software.

Today, we’re introducing a special payment plan designed specifically for this Pre-Pub.

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Logos 4: Instant Large Print Books

mp|seminars TipsToday’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos
training seminars.

Since we’re a part of a big Logos family, I can be transparent with you. A short while ago it finally happened: I opened my Bible in the pulpit to read the passage for the sermon and I could barely see the text! Those reading glasses are coming sooner than I thought. With Logos, however, I can continue to delay the spectacles because the software allows us to produce instant large print books:

  • Choose Tools | Program Settings
  • Click the drop down list for Default Text Size in the Fonts section
  • Select a desired percentage (Hint: the older you are, the higher percentage you probably need)

All of the books in your library are suddenly large print! So simple, yet oh so helpful! If this little trick didn’t currently apply to you, please file it. Trust me you’ll need one day!

Here Comes Logos March Madness!

March Madness

Logos March Madness 2011 is coming soon!

And the competition is tougher than ever.

We have selected some awesome titles for this year’s Logos March Madness. With thousands of new books made available in Logos the past year, selecting just 64 titles for the competition was not easy. There are some phenomenal titles here and we’re sure you’ll be impressed with the competition.

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Find Your Favorites on Landing Pages

SproulOne of the many great features of the new is the improved searching capabilities. We’ve upgraded the search engine and provided a variety of categories which allow for several different browsing options. Even more, the new faceted browsing allows you to stack several product categories at once so you can find that specific book you’re looking for.

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10 Powerful Resources for Lent

user wikiFor those who follow the Western church calendar, today is Ash Wednesday—the beginning of Lent.

Lent is a season of preparation that traditionally includes penitence, prayer and fasting, and culminates in the celebration of Easter.

In addition to my regular Bible reading, one tradition that I began a few years ago was deliberately choosing books to read during Lent that would focus my mind and heart on Jesus. I’ve come up with a list, by no means exhaustive, of books that may make for good Lenten reading.

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Have You Used the Logos 4 Online Manual? It’s Free!

user wiki

Logos has provided a wonderful tool for Logos users, the Logos 4 Wiki. It contains instructions and help pages which are supplied by users. Its content is continually growing as users add new wiki pages. Many of the pages have illustrated step-by-step instructions for how to use a feature. So the wiki is similar to an online user’s manual. The beauty of the wiki is that you can use it to learn about Logos 4 features, then—if you have any questions—you can easily go to the Logos Forums and ask.

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Logos 4: Open a Thesaurus in Logos

mp|seminars TipsToday’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

Sometimes as you’re using Logos to work on a Bible study lesson, sermon, or exegetical paper, you need a synonym for a word. For example, as you develop your document about Philippians 1.4 you discover you’ve used the word prayer numerous times. You’d like to insert a synonym for prayer, but is there a way to quickly find one in Logos? Yes!

First, prioritize a thesaurus in the Library:

  • Click the Library icon
  • Select Prioritize
  • Type thesaurus in the Library’s Find or search box
  • Right click on the title of the thesaurus
  • Select Prioritize this resource
  • Drag the thesaurus in the Prefer these resources list until it is within the top five of your English and Bible dictionaries

Second, open the thesaurus:

  • Right click on the word prayer in Philippians 1.4 in an English Bible
  • Select Selection prayer
  • Select the thesaurus from the list of books on the right menu

Notice that the resource opens right to an article about prayer where you discover synonyms such as appeal, petition, and plea!