Logos Bible Software 4.2a Now Shipping

A new version of Logos Bible Software began shipping yesterday. Version 4.2a is an update available for both Windows and Mac.

How Do You Get It?

If you have automatic updating enabled (PC screenshot | Mac screenshot), which is the default setting, Logos 4 should notify you that updates are ready to be installed. When you see the balloon tooltip window, right-click on the Logos icon in your system tray and choose to “Install update” (PC screenshot).

If Logos 4 hasn’t downloaded the update by the end of the day, type Update Now into the Command Bar (PC screenshot | Mac screenshot). This will force Logos 4 to check for any available updates (PC screenshot | Mac screenshot) and begin downloading them.

What’s New in Logos 4.2a?

Version 4.2a brings a number of important new features—many of which are in direct response to your requests. The following new features are for Windows and Mac. Here are the major ones:

  • By Count search results
  • Download Scheduler
  • Illustrations section added to Passage Guide
  • Release Notes link and list of Resources Updated now on Home Page

There were also some nice little improvements in highlighting, column choices, and download size for updates.

Here are some Mac specific features available in version 4.2a:

  • Printing
  • Sentence Diagramming
  • Resource Column (paged) view

The Mac update also includes additional improvements to guides, keyboard shortcuts, your resource updates, and many more!

Check out “What’s New in Logos 4.2a” to see a complete list of the changes.

Time to Upgrade to Logos 4?

If you are still running Logos 3, right now is a good time to upgrade to Logos 4. There have been more than twenty updates to Logos 4 since it was launched in November, 2009. With every update the bar has been set higher for what you can expect from Bible study software. Head to the upgrader and see what upgrade specials you qualify for!

Don’t forget to look at the complete list of what’s New in Logos 4.2a, then tell us what you are looking forward to.

Note: The developers caught a small bug in the update. If you have already updated to 4.2a, you can type “Update Now” in the command bar to get 4.2a SR-1, otherwise it will download the update automatically the next time you launch Logos 4.