Have You Used the Logos 4 Online Manual? It’s Free!

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Logos has provided a wonderful tool for Logos users, the Logos 4 Wiki. It contains instructions and help pages which are supplied by users. Its content is continually growing as users add new wiki pages. Many of the pages have illustrated step-by-step instructions for how to use a feature. So the wiki is similar to an online user’s manual. The beauty of the wiki is that you can use it to learn about Logos 4 features, then—if you have any questions—you can easily go to the Logos Forums and ask.

The wiki home page is a good starting point. It contains links to general wiki pages for help or information when using Logos 4. Two of the most useful links for getting acquainted with the wiki are the Table of Contents and the videos for new users.

The power of the wiki is found in learning to use the wiki Table of Contents page (TOC). There you will find links to specific Logos 4 features. It is organized from left to right, similar to how you would see the items on your Logos 4 toolbar—Home page, Library, Search, Files, Guides,
Tools (this is laid out like the drop down menu), and Layouts.

Under each of these headings, you will find specific pages for different items relating to that feature. For instance, under Library, you will see the main Library page, Prioritizing, Ratings, and Tagging links. These are all features within Logos 4’s library tool.

Below the Other Features in Logos 4 you will find links to wiki pages relative to how features are used within a resource. There are several features that you can use within a resource that can unlock the power of Logos 4 which the typical new user may not know existed. These include:

Another useful section toward the bottom of the Table of Contents page is Helpful Wiki Pages. Beneath it are links to inventive ways users have found to use Logos 4 along with helpful basic practices for users.

So if you are new to using Logos 4 or have forgotten how a feature works, you can use the Wiki as a training manual. You can explore Logos 4 one feature at a time and learn at your own pace. Think of it like an online Logos 4 training course. After you have explored the Logos 4 features you will have begun to unlock the power of Logos 4. If you get stuck along the way, or you do not understand something, you have easy access to the Forums to ask questions. Many helpful Logos 4 users are there to answer your questions.

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What are some features that you are looking forward to understanding better?

Today’s guest post is by Steve Clark. Steve is a layperson who loves using Logos 4 to study God’s word. He is from the Dallas/Ft.Worth area of north Texas.